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Temple of Frozen Water Max hits are increased. X-Crash Flame animation and damage improvement. Asura very strong, fast, efficient, no mp problems, very good clearing, 2nd SA seems to be useful now, dropped her for some reason because she was boring Season 3. CBS had always grad the attention of Eve players as ther multiple hits can clear rooms quickly, damage bosses from anywhere, and their speed advantage over the other Eve classes. Volcanic Flames Entrance The Heart of Spire

Guard Chung will shoot a cannonball upon skill usage if casted with at least 1 cannonball. Wind Wedge Total damage increased. Hell Stone can also be used up to 3 times, within 5 seconds with 1. She’s the closest thing to Raven and may have speed equal to him. A new sparring equipment will be available. Sign in Already have an account? El Tower Defense Dread Chase Damage is increased.

Its pretty interesting that there is so much depth behind each character. Artillery Support Three targets can be marked at once.

Blog 9 Elsword Balance Patch «

Dash XXX Attack combo speed increased. Quicksilver Accel Pulled enemies will be able to pierce through other players. Damage increased, can now finish the art while doing the circular slash in the Moonlight Slash skill.


Cannonball Damage The damage from shooting cannonballs when using commands is increased. Cooldown time and MP consumption are increased.

PvP season 3 Revamp

I don’t mind too much devanma seal off a match too quick. A fiery line attack. Buff duration on allies is increased. Tiger Power Passive effect improved.

Arena Sets (S3)

Killing Howl Art damage increased and opponents can no longer mana break in the middle of the art. Cruel Slayer Increase in buff duration.

It is also very interesting seasonn Luciel is two characters. Space Leap Buff duration is increased. The following amount of Elstone will be how many you will need: Distance of instant movement is increased.

Code Nemesis stepping is necessary to be efficient and fast – fingercramps, strong.

Call of Ruin Damage is increased. Sonic Blade Radius is bigger, slightly pulls targets instead of pushing them. These sets are introduced in Season 3 of Arena. IP can play sanic fast and has some really fun techs but it’s much more effective to play semi-passive on him.

Shadoweave Energy consumption of skill if used with a skill note is reduced. RF’s fucking boring in pvp.

Code Empress stepping problem, so many summons, manaproblem? Strong Will Passive effect is increased and some of the explosion damage from skills are changed to physical attack. Chaos Cannon Damage is increased.


Guard Chung will shoot a cannonball upon skill usage if dsvanam with at least 1 cannonball.

Water Dragon Sanctum Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fireplay Damage of throwing fire is increased. Location changed in the skill tree. Personal experience like how much fun you have with the suggested char is a nice addition though. Using Cannonball skill The damage from shooting cannonballs when skills are used is increased.

If a player finishes the PvP Introductory quests, he will be getting the new sparring equipment as a reward. Catching to hit someone first and get them into a samra is something that comes easier to Adds than most other classes.

Just for an example. Temple of Frozen Water