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The first three episodes where on youtube but that has also been removed Finally it has its season 2 I am so gald! Long live Emperor Reyuuki. D i luv tis anime! In any case, I love the first episode in this season where Ryuuki recalls his last encounter with Shuurei and you can hear him giggling like a little boy in the background. Sei sicuro di voler eliminare questa risposta?

Che senso ha realizzare dei disegni a carattere hard raffiguranti i personaggi di cartoni animati, videogiochi, fumetti, anime e manga? June 19, by 4clovers. Does any body know if there going to make a some more eps for air gears and Karin I no for sure there not going to make more episodes o Karin any time soon. They only have episode1season2 so far. This site uses cookies. Hope anyone knows where to watch it

Can you upload on crunchyroll? Mpnogatari anyone know why it was? Or I can just watch it??? D It must be really hard to do subbing and all.

Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Season – Minitokyo

shb I tested uploded some episode of season 2 but it was impossible. I have never used veoh… I can download from it?? If someone could find a steam, download, or saiumkoku subbed or dubbed i would really appreciate it. I watched that one on youtube, I think. People who find these red cards get sent to another world called Psyren and have to survive that place to get back home. Email required Address never made public.


Long live Emperor Reyuuki. Musica aaiunkoku intrattenimento Animazione e fumetti. There is that girl that looks exactly like a guy and there is that rich guy whose dad or something wants him to have a girlfriend but he doesn’t want to and so his father brings a lot of girls for his sons choise.

Anyway, although it is a little slow, I understand, but keep up the good job.

Where can i find Saiunkoku Monogatari english dubbed (season 2)???

Inuyasha has a pretty good plot while ranma seems to be focused on the comedy not story line. All I remember is that it was about this guy who woke up one day to find the girl his mother had chosen to be his wife in his room.

Hi there can anyone tell me where i can find Suzuka in english dub and Detective Loki also Dubbed. Hell Girl season in English? Only if Shuurie makes the right decision. The main sites i use to download anime by torrents are http: I’ve found the Portuguese subs but i just can’t seem to find the English subs. Saiunkoku id such a beautiful story, with a lot of diffrent characters.

It was about gundams and I believe only two of episodee. They release new epis every weekend. With his cleverness I hope i can be like him. I tried to search on G4 but it looks like they took everything that was anime off I’m looking for the Detective Conan Movie Recaps. I’m looking for all of the episodes for the first season of tsubasa chronicles, but I don’t want to download.


Thanks for subbing the show. In any case, I love the first episode in this season where Ryuuki recalls his last encounter with Shuurei and you can hear him giggling like a little boy in the background. What anime do you need to find Barring traffic accidents and roving ninja I should have the second pass complete tonight and ready for qc.

D i luv tis anime! Anyone know where I can watch Flint the Time Detective online for free? I have been screaching for Argai: And really don’t get why Shuurei is hesitating so much, sometimes, she is just too naive and too righteous.

I have managed to find some Spanish and Italian versions but really struggling to find anything else. Saiunkoku Monogatari season 1? If only I could speak a second language well enough I would want to help too. First season is currently being released in the US. I can’t find Ai to yuuki no pig girl tonde buurin.