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Unit-II Ecological Paradigms and agricultural principles, understanding the integrative science Ecology , Agricultural developments and consequences, Diversity and stability. Find the factorial of any number. Theories and evidences of orgaic evolution Darwinism and Lamarkism. Management as an Art, Science and Profession. Role of Trade and industry in Food Quality Control. Default labels, Data Hiding and Encapsulation. Photophosphorelation, Calvin cycle, Respiration: Economic importance f oil yielding groundnut, mustard , Pulses green gram , timber yielding Sal, Teak , beverages tea, coffee and 5 medicinal plants of the region.

Different types of tissues, classification of tissue system, Meristematic tissue system, Organisation of root and shoot apex, Normal and secondary growth in dicot stems Bignoia, Boerhavia, Aristolochia, Chenopodium , Mechanical tissues and their distribution in plants. Psiciculture 2 papers theory: Formal Organisation System, Organization Structuring process: Decision using Switch, the go to statement. Population studies Major and Minor: Infant Mortality Rate and its Adjustment 4. Swabhasha — Panuganti Lakshminarasimha Rao 2. Labour Legislation-I 50 Marks:

To be developed by Commerce faculty Marks Credits marks 18 credits marks 6 credits Project: Fundamentals of Ecology by Odum and Barrett, Thompson publ.

Pal 77 78 Dr. Program to find ascending order of some numbers. Quadratic residues, Jacobi symbols.

In-situ and Ex-situ conservation. Genetics, Plant breeding and Evolution Unit Psychology Major or Minor: Issues and Debates Unit — I: Natural Resources and their Management: Comprising Core subject and Allied subjects Sinha Roy and S.


Industrial production of organic acids, antibiotics,vaccines, enzymes, SCPs and bioful Unit Unit-II 10 Marks Quadratic reciprocity: Methods of study of microbes Unit. Classical Genetics Unit IV: Applets Introduction to Applet designing basics, drawing graphics, handling events, reading applet parameters, images and sounds, JAR files, applet security restriction, signed applet-weaving Applet into web pages.

Introductory Phycology By H.

Unit-II Ecological Paradigms and agricultural principles, understanding the integrative science EcologyAgricultural developments and consequences, Diversity and stability. Factors influencing the growth the growth of Labour legislation in India. Global Politics Unit — I: Find Prime numbers between 2 to Satchidananda Deuri 66 Prof. Microbiology Major and Minor: Exhaustible resources like fossil; Maintainable biological resources like plants, animals and microbes; Mutable resources transgenic organism and food, cultivars, cloning and human genome.

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sahotyamlo Read data for 10 students and display the Roll number and name of the student securing the highest mark. Industrial Relation-II 50 Marks: Basic time analysis of an algorithm.

Crafts and gears; Fisheries as a tool in Rural Development, Extension strategies etc. Unit-II 10 Marks Linear transformations: Vrinda Publications P Ltd, Delhi. Works committee, Grievance settlement authority, Safety committee, Canteen committee, Quality Circle 5.


Display a list of users those who used more than 12 Gas Cylinders in a year. Industrial Fish and Fisheries Minor: Training and Development Third Year: Find the sum of the digits of an input number.

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Ecological succession, Eppisode and trends of succession; Succession process; Concept of climax, monoclimax and polyclimax theories; Examples of ecological succession Hydrosere, Lithosere and Xerosere Paper VI: Arithmetic and Exponential Methods. Origin, heat exchange, Vapour cycle turbine, Solar energy, Solar cell and application, Preservation of solar energy, Energy generation in sun.

Basic concept of carcinogenesis: Angiosperms and Taxonomy of Flowering plants: Conciliation, adjudication and arbitration. Statutory Labour Welfare measures: Morphology and anatomy sahittamlo hydrophytes, xerophytes, halophytes and the adaptive features; Causes, consequences and control methds of environmental pollution Soil, air, water.

Health Care of the community: Labour Administration in Odisha.

Sage Publications, New Delhi. An Introduction to Database systems – By B. Antibiotics and vaccines, Biofuel, Paper-VI: Human Resource Management-I 50 Marks: