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Mary Senterla, P S. Varanasi Nagar ke do vishwavidyalayon mein panjikrit mahilayon per adharit samaj vaigyanik adhyayan. A comparative study of civil defence in India, Britain and America. International Court of Justice and the dynamics of emerging international legal order. Madhya Pradesh mein Panchayat Raj nirvachan ka vishleshnatmak adhyayan, A study of the benefits of irrigation in the region.

The role of welfare programmes in the political socialization of Scheduled Tribes in Attappady in Kerala. State control of Panchayati Raj bodies in’ Orissa: Institutional financing of agriculture, long term in Madhya Pradesh. A socio economic study. Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. A study of Ayurvedic system in Rajasthan.

A study of the India’s foreign policy under the Janata Government. Impact of subsidy schemes on agricultural development: Varanasi Nagar ke do vishwavidyalayon mein panjikrit mahilayon per adharit samaj vaigyanik adhyayan.

Telugu hasyam

Devangan samudaya kee samajik arthik evam rajnaitik sanrachna: Njaratiya punar jagaran ke sandarbh mein Swami Dayanand Saraswati ke samajik vicharon ka adhyayan. Ek arthik vishleshan, se tak: Each entry lists patticulars about the theses in the following order: Dr Sunder Lai Gupta.


Terrorism in India since till date and Punjab in particular.

Legal implication of collective bargaing in Indian steel industry. Rewa Jile ke krlshi vitt vyavastha ka sankshipta adhyayan. Economic and demographic consequences of rural electrification: A case study of Hooghly District. The first four decades.

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Organisation and working of Azam Jahl Mill, Warangal. The coronary heart patients: Chitnis, Vijay Kumar Sadashiv.

Women, employment and household role sturcture ; A network analysis of working class families. Impact of technological change on productivity and employment in Punjab agriculture. A study of rural urban comparison.

Nagriya Malwa ka jananinkiya adhyayan. The electoral politics and sub-nationalism in Tamil Nadu. Gramin vikas mein sanchar madhyamon kee bhumika ; Kashi Vidyapeeth Vikas Khand ke 8 chune huye gaon per adharit ek samaj shastriya adhyayan.

Economic determinants of fertility behaviour in Tamil Nadu: Their epislde and implementation through national programmes in India.

Dr K G Shah. Adoption of new technology and Its Impact upon economic efficiency in a rice based agriculture. Water pollution and problem of legal controls in India.


A sociological study of the Tie and Dye workers in Jaipur. The role of military in Thai politics.

Full text of “Bibiliography Of Doctoral Dissertation (a I U)”

Ballistic Missile Defence in American nuclear strategy. Public Works Department of Rajasthan ; A study in leadership styles, job satisfaction and developments of engineers.

Sri Venkateswara University College, Tirupati. The role of ethnic factor in South Aslan politics with special reference to Indo-Sri Lanka accord and its aftermath. A case study of Jind District in Haryana.

Narasimha Rao 10th Prime Minister of India. Kurian, Ciciiy A sociological study of schizophrenic patients in Goa.