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A furious Wilhelmina threw Nico out and told her not to return. Evan lalu mau mencium alisa lg. Bobby’s feelings for Hilda has her conflicted over her feelings for Archie, which could make her romantic situation more conflicting. Marc would also end up being hired by Daniel after feeling mistreated by Wilhelmina and finally find a new guy named Troy, who turned to be a Mode employee and Betty knew of his pursuit of Marc for some time. Alisa adalah gadis sederhana yang harus bekerja macam-macam untuk membiayai hidup sehari-hari juga pengobatan ayahnya. Natasha takes Larasati to her room.

In her room, Natasha is sitting on a chair while Alisa is on the floor. Natasha leaves to room to get some food, but Alisa comes over and Natasha tells her to get the food for her crazy mother. Hendri actually agreed with what Alisa has said and he feels that Asti has tricked him. Natasha blames Alisa for trying to take her husband. Alisa yang bekerja sebagai SPG minuman menabrak Evan hingga jatuh saat mengejar pencuri dagangannya. Tp wajah alisa berubah jd wajah nat!!

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Natasha says that she always has a back up plan, not like Sofia. Natasha is annoyed and leaves the room going after Evan. Marc sought revenge on Betty after being denied the features editor’s job, of which Marc would later give up now that Betty and Marc learned about the coin toss. Jodi ends up texting her and asks her to meet up.

Natasha approaches Larasati and asks if she heard anything. Natasha then takes her while promising some food if Larasati would go with her. Fresh and inexperienced, she is unprepared for the hardships and office politics of the working world she has to face.

Tp wajah alisa berubah jd wajah nat!! Ternyata itu hnya mimpi!! However, after a short fling, Amanda realized that Matt was still in love with Betty, so she dropped him and he went back to Betty. Her innate talent in the field clashes with Cal’s academic approach, and he often shows off by saafa analyzing her every facial expression.


Natasha leaves to room to get some food, but Alisa comes over and Natasha tells her to get the food for her crazy mother.

Sa’y of Safa and Marwah

Evan calls Natasha and asks her where Alisa is. When later Alisa would accept his offer to be his second wife they would need to have a good relationship. Ost Sinetron Alisa -Lirik lagu- Cinta Sampai Disini – D’Masiv mencoba tuk pahami mencari celah hatimu bila harus menangis aku kan menangis namun air mata ini telah habis Chorus: Nat lalu melihat gelang yg dipake alisa! In the show’s pilot episode, Lightman is speaking to a man who is refusing to speak at all, and is able to discern vital information by talking to him and gauging his reaction to each statement.

Alisa ends up going to the kitchen and comes back with a plateful of food. Hendri is looking for Asti and asks about her to Sofia. Evan marah besar karena jasnya menjadi kotor, padahal saat itu ia sedang bergegas menemui klien incarannya.

Evan snaps at Natasha because she has said bad things about Alisa. When Natasha was just about to tell him about breakfast againEvan just went his way.

It gives us a sneak peek into asfa world of Singaporean lawyers and the cases they take on as civil litigators. Dan blg bahwa alisa sangat kejam krn membiarkan kakaknya sendiri mencintai dia!! From taxi drivers, to angry teenagers, to abused spouses, to quarreling office colleagues and squabbling bloggers, no case is too small or insignificant for THE PUPIL. Setelah melalui lika-liku permusuhan yang panjang, Evan dan Alisa akhirnya sama-sama tak bisa mengingkari suara hati mereka yang paling dalam, dimana sebenarnya mereka saling menyukai satu sama lain.


Evan lalu mau mencium alisa lg. Nat lalu menantang alisa, nat akan membiarkan alisa bekerja di tempat yg lbh baek, dan memberinya tempat tinggal.

Safa dan Marwah ep A

Alisa mencoba menjelaskan bhwa selama ini alisa ga pernah memberikan harapan apapun kepada evan! Claire’s episodr with Cal, and the fallout with Daniel after he walked in on the two, would prompt her to find her son Tyler, who she gave up for adoption.

After Natasha and Larasati leaves, Hendri asks about Asti. Then a former flame, Bobby Talercio, returned to woo Hilda even though Betty also had feelings for him.

Wilhelmina struggled with her search for Conner. Natasha claims that she feels bad for Alisa whos foot is still hurting. Evan gets mad because Natasha dares to talk bad about his parents. Nat datang bertanya siapa yg menelpon, tp t sofia mengaku ada yg menelpon berkali2 tp tak menjawab. In the morning, Natasha is looking for Asti.

Alisa ternyata adalah putri dari perselingkuhan Henri, ayah Evan. Evan membeli satu utk alisa. What’s more, in the course of seeking the truth about her missing father, Wendy may just uncover a plot that may endanger her own life, and those of the people around her. Hendri comes over and asks what is going on. Om hen berharap alisa membaca sebanyak2nya dsn pikiran alisa kembali terbuka. He tells Sofia to ask Natasha if she has seen Asti. Sementara Evan tidak suka sikap Alisa yang sok pintar, sok punya harga diri, membangkang, tidak menghormatinya dan sering mempermalukannya di kelas.