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The theme song and opening credits have been revamped. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! She never told me there was a tomorrow. The third series began airing on 23 January When Sadie accidentally arranges a slumber party, she ends up with Chloe coming to her sleepover. When Dede rebels against her good girl image, it’s up to Sadie and Taylor to talk her down. I’ll get you a new game.

You don’t always have to dress up to dress down. But when her plans start to unravel, Sadie has to work extra hard to earn everyone’s forgiveness. She’s trying to get me fired! Sadie accidentally agrees to host a ‘frightnight’ movie night for Ashlii and Kalisha; unfortunately she’s also supposed to be sharing a film night with Danny and Jake. Can Sadie win back her friend? What if I cover myself in glue and then rolled in glitter? I’ll get an advance!

Then Dede’s mum turns out to be even less cool than Steve, so she tries to get her dad back, by sabotaging Dede’s robot so he won’t have to help her any more. To be split equally at the end of the day. So what’s the goss?

Whitney, Ashlii and Taylor though he is mentioned. So Sadie has to team up with her staunchest enemy to scupper their foolish Festive plans. You’ve got to build up to it, like this. Series 1, Robobootylicious Sadie gets Steve to help Dede with her robot wars fight night.


So, she’s a little hard to handle sometimes. Sadie, come to Mama!

Sadie J season 1 episode 10

This episode features flashbacks of the first series the same as Part 1 and was broadcast in HD. But can Dede overcome Ashlii’s plotting and Keith’s boisterous mates to win the event? I can ti;tastic a bunch of girls in pink polyester. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! School uniform, but without the tie. I’ve heard this one before!

Sadie J (UK) 1×10 Tiptastic – ShareTV

What she doesn’t know is that Dad has some very big tipttastic of his own. Sadie has a crush on Taylor Bell, the new boy in town – but she quickly discovers that his girlfriend is the monstrous Ashlii. Browse content similar to Series 1.

C to the double-O L. Luckily I was prepared. Retrieved from ” https: I’m the new best waitress! Sadie uses bribery and corruption serles beat Dede in the race to be deputy head girl, even though she really doesn’t want the job. Series 1, Partylicious Sadie thinks she is too old to have a birthday organised by her dad.


Which is why I’m going to give you Kit’s Fashion Fix. I’m not that desperate.

Even in these old overalls. I’ve driven out every waitress Miss V’s ever hired. Series 2 premiered on Wednesday 25 January at 5.

Sadie is so depressed that Kit has left the country that she decides to audition for a new bling friend; but is there really anyone out there who can match up to her old BFF? Sadie, Kit and Dede are seires on the geography field trip, so Steve has to convince the journalist tiptasyic how good his daughter is – difficult at the best of times, but things get worse when the journalist thinks Steve bullied her at school.

This episode was broadcast in HD.

No time to chop things as well. But will esries and her friends get the chance to party with Pixie? Ashlii tries to blackmail Sadie, but Sadie has the last laugh when a certain boyband comes to call!