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Red Mistake , Ashenge , Albo , and the award winning Siryet. This is the true story of Adaw that should be told and retold. What a wonderful work you did. Tamirat later attended a one year certificate program in filmmaking in Addis Ababa. Way to go my PPL! I am very proud of the director Tamirat Mekonen! God bless Teddy Afro!

Connect with Tadias via email and social media! Keep up the good work!!! Website and marketing by Adam Saunders a. The video represents the emotion of the theme. As to Tamirat, he has delivered! Thank you for choosing and selecting such beautiful looking horses.

According to Tamirat, there were actors who took part in the music video, most hailing from the theatrical arts department at Addis Ababa University. Had the Italians managed to capture or kill Menelik that day, that would have been the end of Ethiopia as we know it. It is my sincere hope that future generations of historians will see Emperor Menlik, in the context of nation building and all the unpleasant things that might have taken place to secure a country.

We hope to see more of your works in the future…. Sanisa feels great seeing, our people unite to retold our history! Red MistakeAshengeAlboand the award winning Siryet.


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At the end of the day, it was a great experience for the whole team. It was the peoples faith, from all religions and corners of Ethiopia, that saved the day.

Keep up the good work!!! Just long live all of you who participate in this work. I am very proud of the director Tamirat Mekonen! The last scene I created in color was a fantasy scene of the young people of our generation honoring and acknowledging what Emperor Menelik and Empress Taytu Betul accomplished.

Always we must remmber kovie foundation of our unity. Emperor Menlik was one of the wisest working King Ethiopia was blessed with. Way to go my PPL! Does he have any upcoming projects? This amhadic the true wabisa of Adaw that should be told and retold. It feels wonderful to witness our generation finally sabissa its history and telling it as it is from our own authentic perspective!

Additionally, my company Sabisa Production is set to debut a new feature film, Sons of Sunrise, in the next two months. Thanks for reminding us.

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As all human-beings Menelik was not perfect. A much deserved tribute to a great king. What a wonderful work you did. Please keep up the good work.


Congratulation for your supreme effort and accomplishment. As the African proverb says: God creat every time a person like you for a especial time. Very nicely done music and video.


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The Return of Tirunesh Dibaba. It is a wonderful work that you provided for this generation.

The message of the lyrics is well represented. The choice of the location and some of the majestic mountains and the Ethiopian citizens army rushing downhill, depicts the event of the war against Italians in a more dramatic way. Wow, the dopiest best abesha music video ever!

Historical events in narrative history are path dependent. The only thing he knew is that whatever the outcome, it was her decision.