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Rei August 10, at 6: Hope to see more of such pairings. Why is Haha hitting on all the women? Why is KJK weak to women? HA, what are the chances? Hye-jin steps up next and uses the first number in each mission… which she gets wrong. I loved their interactions in this. She was such a bundle of energy throughout the whole episode.

Thank goodness Bora reacted fast enough to wrestle him to the ground. I love Running Man and I hope they will continue to think of good ideas for the games.. I know they are really close off the show, but while filming if Kwang-soo has the opportunity he will mess with Jong-kook, even if they are on the same teams. I can see him gauging whether to start the disturbances and he is just deliberately doing it for variety purposes, it’s not a spontaneous action. As if the PD would talk to Kwang Soo, they even encouraging him to do so. He presses , a combination that confuses everyone, and the dramatic buildup is making me nervous.

Jae-suk decides to rehash his answer, and Seung-gi says that they epsode have one answer. They were hilarious in ep when Seunggi was trying to convince Jae Suk to trust him. Runningmanfan December 8, at As for Kwang Soo, have to agree I got tired of his antics a score or so shows back, but it runmanclyb clear that the PD and I guess the Korean viewer are more than happy with him, or he would have been rained in long ago, so he just giving the performance asked of him. LKS’s real personality is shy, reserved and withdrawn.

Looking fwd to ep 2 of NoF. His antics are getting really abrasive. They follow via taxi.

D I squee’d out loud when Kwang-soo won. He pressesa combination that confuses everyone, and the dramatic buildup is making me nervous.

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He takes really good care of the members but people don’t see that they only see ‘cheater KS’. Wow Gwangsoo, you’ve really made your mark. You people really need to just calm down a little. Yes, I admit that I enjoyed almost his framing jokes but sometimes he should know his limit. I liked the episode too; rinmanclub were some funny “little” moments. I’m really not fond sun RM these days but I’m not gonna lie, I liked the episode – most likely because of Seung-gi but what the heck lol.


The problem here is that he.

The lights go bright and Kwang-soo turns the door handle… and it opens. Kwang-soo takes a long, dramatic moment before choosing the green door where Seung-gi already is. I was bored when watching the raw, so bored that I shut off after 40 mins. How many freaking times did he sabotage the other teams during the wheel game?

She was so hyper without being annoying, and so much fun. I don’t like it so much when they are paired off and then sent off seperately. I have only one wish and thats seung gi abd bora might come again a litle sooner than waiting another whole year to comeback to rm and that they will give us a awesom show.

However Seung-Gi made the comment during their mission that the noonas from the Noonas Over Flowers show cursed at him the whole time. Takes a lot of work to act against type.

And their other possibility directs them across town. And then Seunggi says Kwang Soo should be paid a lot more given the amount of work that he does.

I have no problem With monday couple being set up Again coz they were entertaining. This episode is a little meh for me too. If they so into hot pairs why not seungi and bora? And, just like how Suk Jin push his own team mates in 2NE1 episode, or countless of Haha disturb the other team when they’re gonna win, it’s part of their character as Betrayal Team and the PD will let it be as entertainment part.

Even if there were some funny moments I couldn’t continue till the end All of the teams paired together had good chemistry, moments of witty banter, humorous reaction shots, and games that were amusing and competitive. The Monday Couple is in bright spirits despite ending up in the completely wrong area.

Some funny moments here and there but an average episode for me. Up first runninb Seung-gi versus Ebg, and when they both throw out the same gesture, Haha asks if both of them can go flying.


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Anyway thanks for the review. And then Kwang Soo just started dancing in that little space. Happy to be dry, he gives a big hug to his coordi. Haha and Suk-jin along with Jae-suk and Hye-jin finish last, so they sit down for a proper meal. Something fishy is definitely going on here….

Sometimes I can sense their teasing were quite hurtful though I know in reality, is unintentional. He’s basically a one trick pony. Granted, like KJK said, the game would have gone smoothier but we are here for variety and not just them doing missions isn’t what most people here were complaining in some episodes?

He’s usually one of the more hilarious cast members his toad faces never fail to crack me up and he knows what would make the screen time; BUT he still doesn’t get when enough is enough. Runningmanfan December 10, at 6: Just imagine the show without such character, with nobody tries to spice things up when it’s uninteresting.

Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi. Hari December 7, at 4: The entire cast should fix their attitude first Sly fox asking for help then going to betray her team mates in the end cos she’s only a ‘female’. I loved how he kept saying he doesn’t understand RM’s concept Kwang-soo points out that Seung-gi has a way with the ladies after his trip with the Noonas, to which Seung-gi replies that he was only met with criticism there.