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I was laughing non-stop during the intro. PD tweaks the rules for the ladies, bringing the spin count from 10 to 7. I laughing so much.. But, it turns out, that is her natural persona. Gong Hyo-jin is a good example of what I meant by being both physically and emotionally competitive. Well hes still Yooruce Willis atleast!

Teaming up against the Commander is an absolute must on the show, mostly because no one else can beat him alone. The match continues as Jae-suk threatens to flips Jong-kook over errr but he ends up being the one flipped. I feel for the staff. He crumples to the ground just trying to get a good grasp. I laughed a lot and many times!!! I and Kwang-soo got whipped cream on his face and spanked twice.

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Gary ddakjo the most trouble so Jae-suk ddakhi to feed him but ends up burning him. She’s very old fashioned, instinctively playing “girl” and deferring to the men around her. Guess the most preferred dish with Kimchi and exempt from penalty. He figured out that they’d only have to flip the Ultimate Tack instead of getting their own flipped. Ji Suk-jin Wins Everyone except Ji Suk-jin got their faces thrown with water according to their respective ranks.


Thanks for your awesome recaps: Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin-young was exempted from receiving a shuddering package. Such a great ending! Suk-jin goes down too and the rules are altered so that the loser of the match wins.

Minch October 7, at 6: First Garden Sangjiseok-dong, PajuGyeonggi-do. Jae-suk, the MC professional, got so rattled trying to deal with Hyo-jin all evening that he wound up stammering an invitation for her to return at the close of the show.

Jong-kook and Jung-ah is a cute yet fierce couple too how i wish she can stay longer The ending and everybody’s reactions dvakji priceless. Brief appearance by Jin BTS through the phone.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I got a spanking, Seungri got spanked once because he went easy on B. And I can totally see absolyte Ms. Also glad to see Ms. Then when Jong Kook flipped it again and the staff just busted out laughing because they couldn’t believe it.

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Watch the battle here: Kim Jong-kook received a pair of shoes. Enjoyed the staff’s priceless expressions in the end LOL. But it was when he needed to help Suk-jin hold down the final member that really pushed him to his limits. And Jae-suk brings them back to Epizode Mission Team is required to visit a place that the production team had chosen.


RunningmanShow: 5 Times Kim Jong-kook Went Full Beast Mode on Running Man

Complete counts of part time jobs Vacation Team: Complete missions or make a tofu to reduce your prison time and avoid becoming the last person to be released. Haha, Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo got water-bombed. As for the match, he utilizes his long legs to evade attack and then charges at Jong-kook… who whirls around and flips him to the ground.

As mentioned before, other Running Man members and guests often team up against Jong-kook on account of his massive strength.

Steal 6 chosen items of other Running Man members and deliver them to newbie producer.

I gave it epiosde all! Ji Suk-jin and Lee Kwang-soo will receive the punishment next week. So true about Ha Ji Won. Ji Hyo is back on her game for this one.