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It tackles race, sexuality, poverty, and sexism. She throws many insults at Molly, but finally realizes she is unhappy with her own life. It just shows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. She embodies the traits I love and seek out not only in protagonists but in humans. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I am proud of who I am and I refuse to watch this country take a leap backwards. And I saw someone else’s review mention that the book was pretty butch-phobic, and that’s true.

It begins when Molly relays the tale of how she first found out she was a bastard. Her “roommate” of many years was not just a roommate any more. As she grew older, Molly retained her fiery personality, no matter how her family reacted towards her. That’s all I am and all I want to be. Brown told Time magazine in , “I don’t believe in straight or gay. Carolyn asks Molly if she is sleeping with Connie and Connie discovers her two friends have been sleeping together. Molly was broke and without a job until a man with a kink pulled her off the streets to throw grapefruit at his chest.

Lists with This Book. It was really empowering for me and I just couldn’t believe that this books was written init was so modern. She suggests Molly do the same and introduces her to Chryssa who wants Fubyfruit for her lover. Granted, Molly does sleep with Polina towards the end but she puts down older lesbians frequently prior to that.

The two become extremely close and the bond continues to grow as they take revenge on Earl Stambach. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Which is important because I generally think that this book was terribly written, and synipsis the dialogue wasn’t realistic at all. Still, I see why this book was important in its time.

Rubyfruit Jungle Summary & Study Guide

The women in this novel know that they are valuable as long as they have a man. Unlike Carrie, Carl treated Molly with love and kindness and always supported her goals and education. When Polina finds out, she says she never wants to see Molly again. I felt stronger and better for having completed its pages. Connie and Molly begin playing pranks on their teachers and gain the respect of the school. She possible did, and then fired her, though.


While playing nurse, Molly claims she will not let her gender stop her from being a doctor. Next Post The Story of the Asshole. Rubyfruit Jungle Discussion 3 5 Jul 06, It was funny too – the description of the children’s nativity play in the local school is priceless.

Feb 01, Hilary rated it really liked it Shelves: Rubyfruit Jungle is the first novel by Rita Mae Brown. We’re still cousins in our own way. Damn, I wished the world would let me be myself.

Rubyfruit Jungle

I’m one for a hard headed, knows what she wants type-a woman, but there is no fault in Molly. The two girls rule the school, but Molly still has trouble at home.

Being a victim of incest myself I can only assume the author a never had any experience with incest personally or b did, but is so fucked up as a result that she thinks it permissible for parent and child to have sex together. After this happened, the book then framed this all as the older woman’s fault, and as a personal problem to Molly. She grows jealous when Molly spends time with Connie and Molly has to remind her she needs to back off.

Two stars for this book. Molly’s a one-dimensional savior to all those Lesbo, and if you’re Lesbo yourself, or just discovering that you have an inner Lesbo and need to nurture it, by all means, take Rubyfruit Jungle out and have a field day.

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Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

Hilariously written, human, sexual, occasi I read this book the year it was published. She intelligently explores the uncomfortable with a sense of wit and humor that will make her story more accessible to audiences. She claims she played a leading role in the “Lavender Menace” zap of the Second Congress to Unite Women on May jingle,which protested Friedan’s remarks and the exclusion of rubfruit from the women’s movement.

Published init was remarkable in its day for its explicit portrayal of lesbianism. I also live in the wrong country, at the wrong time, and was not brought up by foster parents.

Molly synopxis realizes she has to get good grades, wear nice cloths, and be funny in order to fit in. She was a pediatric nurse, and terrified lest she lose her position; she is retired now.

If only they knew. Sep 21, Sabrina Chapadjiev rated it it was ok. Likewise the part where she was homeless for a couple days felt equally false, she found someone got a deposit and then magically got a scholarship and a good job without a thought. This was our June book club pick. This is a rubyfruiy biography of s As always, you may also find this review on the blog.

One night while out drinking, they discover their married principal is having an affair with rubydruit dean. I want to live in a world where I can walk down the street holding my girlfriends hand without having to endure the nasty stares and the horrible comments muttered under strangers breaths.