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When Polina finds out, she says she never wants to see Molly again. As she leaves, Molly realizes how much she loves Carrie even with all her flaws. It was really empowering for me and I just couldn’t believe that this books was written in , it was so modern. Order our Rubyfruit Jungle Study Guide. But we also agreed that the author had a fun voice, a charming story, and spun and interesting tale. As soon as I read the short, sweet synopsis and skimmed a few reviews, I knew this was kismet.

Something that was interesting about it for me– I can’t help reading as an informal sociologist, it seems. As they continue to have sex, their relationship slowly falls apart because Leroy begins to demand control. Also her talent for her chosen career is portrayed in very tell-don’t-show manner my 8th grade English teacher would not approve. She journeys to New York City, where she waitresses her way through film school, having one adventure after another, armed with startling beauty, wicked wit, and fierce determination to become a great filmmaker. I feel sorry for everyone who finds themselves in Molly’s path but I probably feel the Read “Rubyfruit Jungle,” they said. Molly discovers Paul likes to pretend he is a woman and that is why he and Polina enjoy sex together. I need something light and fun.

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Jun 16, Danielle N rated it it was amazing Shelves: Things I didn’t like about this book: There’s the fact that Carrie’s whole happiness depends on Carl in the first place. It’s why Molly herself dates a quarterback throughout high school. He is married and has two children. But seriously we polled the group on their knowledge of good lesbian fiction and sunopsis of us couldn’t come up with more than one snopsis two.

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I laughed and I rubyfrkit and it reminded me to be so thankful and grateful for those who came before me and paved the way. She subsequently enrolled at Broward Community College[3] with the hope of transferring eventually to a more tolerant four-year institution.


Does she even like women at all?

Rita Mae Brown is a prolific American writer, most known for her mysteries and other novels Rubyfruit Jungle. The first few chapters I was laughing so much I was for sure I would be giving this book a high rating.

I want to live in a world where I can be free to be myself and not have to hide who I am as if it’s some nasty secret, just so I can keep a job You can still be fired from your job in 29 states for being lesbian, gay, or bisexual, and fired in 38 states for being transgender. The plot and the writing suffer as a result, and my own disagreement with the message prevents me from enjoying the book.

And, considering how much her adoptive mother hated her, I was pleasant See rubyyfruit of my reviews on my blog the Book Deviant I honestly don’t know what to say about this book. My sister had recently come out to me, and my head was spinning. I was just late on the lox stuff.

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Part 3, Chapters Molly is happiest when she is able to explore her own sensuality on her own terms. She intelligently explores the uncomfortable with a sense of wit and humor that will make her story more accessible to audiences. When Polina finds out, she says she never wants to see Molly again. How like the brat to bust in on a scene, immediately dismiss it as beneath her, blast everyone who enjoys it, and peace out like anyone’s going to miss her.


Bawdy and moving, the ultimate word-of-mouth bestseller, Rubyfruit Jungle is about growing up a lesbian in America–and living happily ever after. One of the few books regarded as a “classic” of lesbian literature, Ruby Fruit Synpsis bothered me.

It is unreal how we can come so far as a country and yet still have so much inequality in this world. I understand why this is important as an early lesbian novel but I’d happily sacrifice that value to never hear or know about this book again.

It tackles race, sexuality, poverty, and sexism. Molly discovers Paul likes to pretend he is a woman and that is why he and Polina enjoy sex together.

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Molly does too, but she has different ideas about how that will unfold. She was raised by her biological mother’s female cousin and the cousin’s husband in York, Pennsylvania and later in Ft.

I was able to find solace in regarding the book as something of a historical relac – a museum piece of sorts that illustrates well a particular philosophical er One of the few books regarded as a “classic” of lesbian rubyfruot, Ruby Fruit Jungle bothered me.

Published October by Bantam Books first published View all synolsis comments. We have come so far, but we truly still have so far to go. I ended up loathing this book, and the ideas that it promoted. She seemed to be miserable one day, then outstanding the next, and then willing to throw it all away, to declare she was a lesbian, when she knew what the reaction would be.