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While trying to talk down a suicidal patient, Marlo goes into labor and Sam’s daughter is born. With the senior officers off on another assignment, the rookies of 15 Division are on their own. Can’t comment on the rest of the uniform for certain, they don’t look too off from the Toronto uniforms from what I can see. I can only hope that season 2 progresses past infancy and mature to a show that is above our ‘cable’ expectations and provide more than we expect from a Canadian police show. The sixth and final season of Rookie Blue premiered on May 21, on Global, containing the remaining episodes for the fifth season that have been re-branded as season six. However, their holsters do look a little low and lose and their uniforms are more form fitting on the show. With that admission, the show was actually still watchable.

There are a myriad of possibilities left to explore. What happened to her? It seems to be in their nature to treat the ‘drama’ in the show and in their lives with the necessary, required amount of irony and sarcasm, a fact which makes them funny and pleasant. TV by the Numbers. This show is not even close to realistic. I want to take a moment to defend this show, and I will defend it mightily.

As a city police officer myself I’m always interested in the latest new cop show hoping it will be realistic enough so I can relate to it.

This show does exactly that, it gives us what it is rlokie like as a rookie police officer, what challenges are faced every day and rookkie the high marks are in the job.

Retrieved September 10, Traci Nash Travis Milne Retrieved July 14, List of Rookie Blue episodes.

Retrieved August 24, The storyline, the cast the cast has great chemistry the scenes, the locations, the extras, the couples are excellent. Meanwhile, as Gail and Chris work together on the case, Chris realizes not only that he still has feelings for Gail, but that he has competition. Normally when there are love triangles I always have a favorite but even with that favorite I realize that maybe the other person might be better for the actual character that has to choose. That was my way of saying that, yeah.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? If it was more realistic there would be no ratings, because, lets face it As for my fellow Canadians, the best praise I can give this show, is that I didn’t realize it WAS Canadian until some Canadian cities were mentioned in the show.


I love this show, it is one of my favorite shows and the best.

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With all of the reality shows polluting television stations everywhere these days, shows like this are what keep me from turning off my TV permanently.

Watch Southland instead, it’s way better. Personally i like crime and cop dramas Archived from the original on September 2, There have been some great ones over the years and comparing this to them can only end in tears. Perhaps it holds a special place in my heart because of its Toronto and Canadian connections. With such a big ensemble cast of interesting characters, I need to cut myself short, or Guidf be typing forever.

The show is not a serious gritty ultra realistic drama, it’s light entertainment, and that’s what it does. We have never seen the criminal justice system deeply challenged from the inside, which Andie seems poised to do.

This is so much rubbish. I think the writers were really trying to humanize the characters and show that cops don’t just pop up being all bad ass and knowing all the stuff they know. Its not just another “cop” show, its so much more, its witty, sexy, funny, and has strong female roles, which a lot of shows does not really have now a days.

It was hard and easy at the same time.

I just hope they don’t make them break up. Instead, he returned for several guest appearances. Edit Storyline In the wake of a targeted attack on the officers of 15 Division, Andy, Swarek, and their fellow officers have to piece together the truth about a past crime in order to find Oliver Shaw – in time to save his life. Yes, there are moments when I’m yelling at the screen because one of the “rookies” completely disregarded all common sense, never mind their training.

Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved August 4, Rookie Blue season 6 DVD cover. Also, Peck gets a shock when a new rookie, ex-soldier Nick Collins Peter Mooneyarrives for his first day at 15 Division. Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved from ” https: Of what I can tell. The team thinks Traci has been kidnapped.


And when one of the officers follows up on a simple lead, it puts them directly in the path of the demented killer — forcing them to make the ultimate sacrifice. From the time that I started with this show, I had imagined a happy ending with Sam and Andy. Yes, there are some unresolved issues that the creators would benefit from paying some attention to. Click here to subscribe. Retrieved August 17, I’m not expecting a perfect recreation of life on the force, I’m just expecting some entertaining stories that are well delivered and that’s what I’m getting.

Detective Luke Callaghan is brought in to oversee the case that very well may be the work of a serial murderer. The main characters are Andy, the good cop who rarely lets anyone in, Epstein, the smart dork from a broken family that he never really talks aboutPeck, the mean girl whose mother was a well-known and well-respected cop on the force, Diaz, the good Catholic boy who seems to want to break free of that image, and Nash, the single mother who’s been trying to balance work and motherhood without anyone’s help.

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I haven’t seen anything this shallow, pretentious, unreal, undramatic and simply annoying in a long time. Peter Mooney plays new rookie, Nick Collins. At the same time maybe we, as viewers, aren’t really supposed to get a better look at Luke’s character precisely because there is nothing more of interest other than the passion for his guuide.

A twisted killer is still at large, but, now, does he have his sights set on Gail? When a episide of missing women emerges, Gail, who is physically similar to the victims, is sent in on an undercover sting operation.

I know firsthand that the courtroom drama shows are also very unrealistic, but most trials actually get very boring, and who wants to watch that?