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Man I have this feeling of disappointment building. Jk Jk I’m stupid but okay so Tae Wu? The time together is limited and both couples have one super date together. Seriously i cried like a baby! I’m hoping there will be some unexpected ending twist.. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. She leaves them outside the building, then faces her dying sister inside. I was sobbing at the end.

Oh man… I hate when they do that!! Tae-mu finds himself surrounded and read his rights. Although there were a lot of forced coincidences and sometimes hard to buy swerves of the plot, the writers obviously decided to stay true to what’s logically acceptable in the end. Because se-na being park-ha’s actual sister to the same mother seemed too.. I wish they skipped all the crap and went straight to the love cause its so good. When the crowd disperses, one person is left standing by her side, looking at her with an expectant gaze. Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast. That final scene with Yi Gak fading away was just

D I just do hope we get to see why and how it became that way. I woke up early dramacazy morning, just to see this episode eventhough without English sub.

Some memories may have come back to him that’s why when he saw her at her juice store he was smiling. Awww, thanks for recapping guyss.

Park Ha gets hit by the car. Yong-sool joins him in kneeling, adding that such behavior is unbecoming of a man. The Joseon Power Rangers. All the situations where one is supposed to “feel something” are so artificially and sloppily constructed that one really doesn’t feel anything, except to laugh.


Vira May 24, at 1: Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. O No sleep for me. But I still follow the story, which is told very nicely here hehehe I wasn’t expecting them to return quite so soon, and I prjnce hate the 49 day type of ending Biscuit May 26, at 5: Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast.

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Please enter your rootfop or email address. I think that if there were diff actors it might be just a bit cheesy! Meh, I think if she’d been the one to uncover it the prince would have taken mercy on her. Cancel reply Enter your comment here This ep totally made me cry at the end. I cared for you my entire life.

I’m trying very hard to find other recaps or the writer’s own statements or something as I totally would’ve preferred your ending!! I guess Lee Kak knew the whole time that if they got married, then he would disappear. Hopefully tomorrow will be better or at least at par to this episode.

Loved love the fact that we got to see more of the Joseon era and more screen time for the 3 ducklings!

When Yi Gak was confronting Tae Mu bar scene. I don’t think the system was so forgiving then.

Going to watch last episode now. Ahn Sang Tae Supporting Cast.

Rooftop Prince Episode 19

I think the last ep was too short. Episode 4 by Regals. In relief, he calls her a fool for worrying about him and warns her never to do something like this again.


Joseon Tae-mu it is. In my oppinion it was illogical for Se Na to become the “good” one.

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This has placated my craving for a proper explanation that is logical and that goes with what this show stands for, True Love, Destiny. There wasn’t enough comedy to break up the tragedy. As for the ducklings Basically, Lee Gak has been reincarnating over the years waiting for Bak Ha. I’m just glad it’s not the last episode yet. And in addition to that, I feel episodr Yi Gak was brought to the future, not just to solve the case from Joseon Era.

On second thought, don’t bother. I believe it was the Crown Princess floating in the pond. That was my nagging question too! April 6, Reply. Thank a bunch JB. Despite all the wtf! I doubt eisode those 3 persimmon would have any poison in them since they were at the bottom and the crown princess only threw it on the top of the pile Of course it would be too much to expect that they will give us all the answers.