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You’ll hear all about the unusual cast of characters they’ve met along the way. How hard was it to work the Von Erichs? They are both an open book when talking about all the ups and downs of their careers. In fact, these two masterminds talk so much that we don’t even ask any questions. Did he ever think he’d get a big push? This entertaining and informative Straight Shoot provides you with a look at what its like to come from a wrestling family and perform with some of the most famous names in legendary promotions. Fuji will be one of the most outrageous shoot interviews you’ll ever witness.

Please enter a valid postcode. Badd character got him accepted into the African-American community and his meeting with Michael Jackson. You won’t believe some of the things Foley has to say about Flair. Why did he carry a gun to the ring for his matches vs. What are his favorite pranks? Francine worked with all the top names in ECW and was involved in some of the promotions most memorable events. The Straight Shootin’ portion is something completely different from these two managerial legends.

Check out this Straight Shoot to learn about some of wrestling’s most famous territories and biggest names!!!

No other shoot has been this informative about the indies. Shane Douglas always has a valuable opinion to share. Rotunda has been on some of the biggest cards against top superstars in various promotions throughout his 20 plus year career and he gives his unique perspective of it all in this shoot interview.

Poor Heenan is really hard to understand here and the audio quality is not helping matters. You’ll get the answers to all these questions and much more.


Needless to say, this is for mature audiences only.

RoH Straight Shootin’ Series with Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan, Volume 1

Konnan was a mainstay in WCW during its glory years. Corino also talks in detail about Zero-One including how Zero-One will adapt to life without Shinya Hashimoto and some of his booking plans. What does he think of ROH’s overall product? Foley responds to everything that Flair wrote about him line for line.


Mitchell answers all these questions and much, much more!!! What did the locker room think of the matches?

Why didn’t Rogers like The Fantastics gimmick at first? This is one edition of the Straight Shootin’ Series that every fan will enjoy!!! Foley gives one of the most insightful and entertaining interviews ever right here on this double tape set.

You can try highspots. Ro has finally spoken and you won’t believe what he has to say!!!

This is one interview that all fans should watch as you will learn about the business and live through wrestling history. They were in Mississippi in the Summer and the building was not air conditioned and as Rogers was lying down, the wrestlers all left the arena and was stepping over him while the fans watched them go by. This is one that every wrestling fan needs to see. Pringle grew up in the business with some of the greats and worked for classic promotions before moving on to WWE and becoming Paul Bearer.

What made them drop the tag titles to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal? Jim Cornette invites us into his home and walks us through his historic memorabilia collection. Armstrong starts with his childhood and what it was like to grow up the son of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong.


Heenan talks about how he hated the Valiants and tells a story of how he went to visit his mother in the ICU following a heart attack and when he got there, Johnny Valiant was there. Reed even discusses Sting and Luger’s ego problems.

Just like the first one, this isn’t your typical shoot interview. Some of Patera’s stories are sure to shock you. You’ll hear about it all from riots to their starts in the business to why they never crossed paths in the squared circle.

ROH Straight Shootin’ Series Interview with Samoa Joe DVD

How did they handle being tested in Japan? He walked in the office where Verne put his hand on shlotin door and suggested to Greg that they toss him out of the window. Francine tells it like it is on this shoot. How much of a toll did they take?

Armstrong was in almost all the top territories and played a number of colorful gimmicks and you’ll hear about them all on this shoot interview!!! Pringle also managed Lex Luger in his first match and he talks about that experience in addition to managing the men that went on to be Steve Austin shootim The Undertaker early in their careers.

This is an inside look at some of the most famous matches in ROH history.