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Calvinchun Calvinchun Member posts Prefered Engine: Please log in to reply. We’ve sent an email to your address so you can confirm your subscription. As you’ve probably noticed, the characters have been pretty random. I know I never cared for the versions that came after I honestly don’t even know what they’re up to anymore, even. Lots of homework and studying and tests and giving each other injections and drawing each other’s blood Mainly because I’d made a bunch of sprites ages ago that I was waiting to upload for I really wanted to have an actual update for today, but I recently had some computer issues and had to wipe it clean and start over!

Level Designer Project s: But I still get requests almost every day! I was rather saddened when I saw that the original Fiyero had short hair, it just didn’t fit the character as well, I thought. But I have continued to see my sprites stolen, improved upon, and insulted, and I’m sick of it. After the time invested in making that sprite, I doubt I’ll be doing it again. I’m almost done with my medical assisting extern! So to those of you who have been wanting Frozen’s Elsa

If you’ve sent an email and didn’t get a response, it’s probably because you included a request though I did reply to the more persistant rjxp who felt the need to repeatedly email meand frankly, I really don’t have the time and especially not the inclination to respond to a thousand emails of people who didn’t read.

Nobody has batted an eye when I tell them “EMR preloader”. And even that update was saying “Moved to a new site! I’ll toss in a small links page! Back I go to watch some Olympics. Been working for a pediatrician. I know I never cared for the versions that came after I honestly don’t even know what they’re up to anymore, even. XD I still love the parks. Probably not even anything people would want to use, but I wanted to make them.


Added some Shadow hearts and misc. Iam gonna check for the spritesas for the tilesets I have an reskurces for you. I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. Could u be a little more specific like are you looking for zombie sprites, modern tiles etc. Several functions may not work. I think I really captured Johnny Depp. Thanks so much Kevin. Thank you but i don’t have enough points to donate Everyone wants experience and nothing else.

I’m not usually much of a tileset maker person, but I did a li’l candy shop. Don’t Care About It And that person goes on about how excited they are to see you again. Posted 28 October – Added some medieval characters, including a couple colorful court jesters. Boy do I love it so! Resource myself am able to contribute about ten cents no more spriting for me.

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It doesn’t have to be too exact, right? And personal issues seriously, are there NO other sane single feminine lesbians in the world? I plan on seeing the new one for rmxxp second time soon. Anyhoo, I touched up some of the sprites I’d already done, except for Rosa and Golbez.

All FF4, all the time!

eesources Sooo, I have some sprites I’ve done. I have been doing this way too long Posted 27 October – Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

My poor dying computer. Probably no one else has even heard of it or will use the sprites, but Gorgeous Carat is my favorite manga ever, so I wanted to sprite them!


Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic! I’m just happy that Azura, who’s manly enough in the manga, turned out somewhat masculine in sprite form with his robe and long hair. Also added are a couple Sweeney Todd sprites.

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So here’s an update that should be a bit more useful. And there’s also a couple new anime characters, Utena and Anthy.

But here’s a few resources, from Borror including Koudelka, I finally fixed her hairsince I replayed that not long ago and felt like adding more sprites from it. I am resistant to change, apparently. I probably won’t be taking requests though, yet.

I’m almost done with my medical assisting extern!

I am a student medical assistant! So I’ll finally toss up some sprites I’ve done when I had free time and was in the mood. Here is an example, I took this tileset Spoiler click here Changed the contrast and brightness so it turned into this: And Mog, since there is a moogle sprite already.

Been rather busy around here. Anyhoo, on a serious note, I really am not taking requests. Added a baby grand piano tileset addon.

Unfortunotely i did not know how to repay you.

Mythos Horror Resource Pack

I’ve been asked a few times what I do. Thank You For Reply. I was just browsing around some RPG Maker forums and apparently people aren’t entirely pleased with my sprites and feel the need to ‘improve’ them.