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As a souvenir from her traveling parents, Jordanna Katherine McNamara receives a box of knitted dolls known as “Worry Dolls” said to magically fix people’s worries — which prove disastrous when their nanny Gwynyth Walsh goes missing, Jordanna’s heirloom violin breaks, and Jordanna’s parents Kirsten Robek , Cameron Bancroft quit their jobs and become obsessed with family togetherness. On the first night in her new bedroom, Alice hears a voice calling “Come back, Alice”; the next morning, she pretends to go to school, only to sneak back to the house, which reveals itself to be sentient by unlocking the front door, “smiling” with its heating grate, communicating via the lights, and even providing marshmallows and a fire to roast them. They decide to elect a new mascot, and must inform the current student in the Big Yellow costume that he is no longer needed–but no one seems to know who that student is. The Applebaums climb aboard and all seems fine The ghost takes their mom and tries to drag her into the hole. He refuses, they start fighting and Shawn runs in, banishing Travis, although breaking a post and injuring himself on a falling hook. His older brother Derrick Joshua Balfour tells him a story about the hospital.

Sean Daly Sean Giambrone is at a hospital on Halloween to have his tonsils out. She previously appeared in the premiere two-parter “Really You” and “Scarecrow”. In an instant, Mrs. Later that night, she steals the dress and wears it to a dance in order to impress Zack. Retrieved on December 19, Season 2 Episode

Gracie had the power all along to walk away from being famous and because she didn’t, her beautiful face now hangs on Cassandra’s wall while her new and permanent face is uglier than the one on her cell phone. Although all this has been captured on camera and posted on the Internet, kids who watch the video believe it is fake and decide to investigate for themselves.

This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat Yet teh techs don’t see the rats, suggesting it’s a delusion. Bratty teens Jeremy Matthew Knight and Chelsea Matreya Scarrwener are your a family vacation, sfarecrow gets delayed when the family car gets a flat tire, then a mysterious hotel appears out of a fog. Jordan’s and Henry’s doors with large strings of fire. Mangle from releasing his creation on the real world. His older brother Derrick Joshua Balfour tells him a story about the hospital.


When they make it to Lookout Point, their mom has returned.

“R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour” Scarecrow (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

She lived in a farmhouse and was a very lonely girl. The boy mentions that once a part is taken from you, you can never leave. After she returns home, menacing eyes peer out of the forest and approach the house.

The Series – Episode Guide for Season 2″.

Later that night, Lilly D. The boy says that the pumpkins felt abandoned upon Palmer’s death. As the episode ends, Big Yellow looms over Drake and smiles while both Willie and the wolf mascot are shown trapped inside of the creature, slowly being digested and screaming for help.

Melvin manages to make it back to the car, but Ranger Jackson is there and sprays spores at Melvin. When they go to the pumpkin patch, Karen and Zach find both of their parents turned into pumpkins. They play catch in the back yard and find a big hole with a picture of a family in front of a car and lose their ball. The end of the attraction features an animatronic family eating dinner and arguing.

Of course, his parents have a hard time sleeping when the klemit is pestering them for syrup. Chad loses his temper an, at the urging of a voice heard over the room’s speakers, destroys the entire set with a giant sledgehammer.

While his mom is out, Ms. Chi overcomes his fear of water and rescues the kids.

Kane comes out and insinuates that Kate wasn’t the truly elected Queen, which she denies. He tells him that they are a benevolent species and are trying to save the human race from other aliens that are somewhere in the neighborhood incognito.


The boy shoves Sean into an old part of the hospital and he is transported back to October rrl There were two different endings to this episode:. When Lilly’s mom Alisen Down expresses unconditional love for her real daughter, Lilly is restored to her human self and the doll, coincidentally, is hit by a garbage truck.

Bo is pulled inside to meet the screamer who happens to be the ghost of his grandfather. A hand snatches Xast from her room and pulls her inside as she lets out a scream. He later emerges and they all have lunch together.

Worthington Margot Kidder appears on their doorstep. She looks around and sees Mr. Brandon and his friend, Josh Casey Duboisgo to the “Really You” doll maker Gabrielle Rose and she explains that all of the dolls have souls.

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Cynthia happily watches her favorite TV program, “The Uncle Howee Show,” hosted by the loud, energetic titular character Tom Kennywhile Jared speaks to a friend on the phone wanting to go to a movie with friends that night. Now Jason must keep his father from knowing about his latest mistake while keeping the monster away from two government agents posing as pest control workers who want the monster back.

He tries to keep the insects out of his room, but forgets one hole in the wall that the insects take hanuting of.