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I would gladly have kicked him in the balls at first but I liked him much more in the end. The entire story flowed as if you were envisioning it on a movie screen and boy there were lots of really graphically descriptive parts with violence and sex but very well written out. It was nice to see all the old cast back from books 1 and 2 and some new faces as well. Anther perfect book with all my fav chars Hate the fact that there was a cliffhanger though However, instead of being rational and explaining the issue to Danni, Caine dropped her like a hot-potato, going from her BFF to not even acknowledging that she existed. Danni was all alone till Caine came and then he broke her heart and left and Danni was all alone again.

She has known Caine since she was a toddler. Mar 28, Natasha Mahadeo rated it it was amazing Shelves: All of my favorite characters are still there: Book two was filled with internalization and it completely distracted from the story but thankfully a lot of that was culled out for this book. It introduces new characters to the sentinel family. It was nice to see all the old cast back from books 1 and 2 and some new faces as well. Omg this Series keeps getting better and better.

The characters in the previous books continue on into Tall, Dark and Heartless which was really nice for fluidity of the storyline and as well I feel readers like knowing the goings on of previous characters even in the new book as it meshes the stories together beautifully. And what is it mathweson R.

R.L. Mathewson | Series Pyte/Sentinel Series

Then he is transformed by love I hope Mathewson can recover soon so that she will be able to continue to this series. Then after he finally breaks her down after he says some stupid things they agree to do the deed, she immediately thinks she’s going to up and leave him. Apr 19, Jill rated it really liked it.


All, and I mean all of them are like 4 years old arguing about who can do better something! The grammar and spelling errors were much improved in this book. The lengths he went to in order to save Danni?

The eating of chocolate and fighting over it was just as ridiculous as in her Neighbor from hell story.

Tall, Dark & Heartless

With so many Twists and turns there is not way you won’t be addicted to these books and it’s awesome characters. Do Not Change This: I had absolutely no idea what to do with the books now that they were done. Caine matgewson a year old Pyte who was endeared to a bossy little girl, where they lived in the Sentinel compound. The male characters all seem to be plan on using and misusing the women and then the women always seem to have to walk away and not look back and the men are broken and will do anything for their baby.


I enjoyed the characters and the plot. I really liked the first book, the second not so much. I think this was the author’s best.

As the two starcrossed lovers, Caine and Dani, fight and claw their way I begin to lose interest. I’m curious has to who comes next in the series.

Pyte/Sentinel Series

Can I just say the sex marathons from the characters were amazing. She isn’t worried, she has a job to do. The same Pyte that broke her heart years ago and wont stop glaring at her as if their little predicament is all her fault. Danni was crushed when Caine left her the fist time and no matter how much she wants him, she’s not keen to give him a chance to crush her feelings again.

I want everyone to be able to experience this amazing series and I want book four yesterday. Months later I decided that maybe I seris do something with them.


But that doesn’t keep him from being a complete prick about it, planning to leave Danni just as soon as he can and talking about sleeping with other women in front of her view spoiler [No, pytf doesn’t actually have sex with another woman but it he brings it up a few times. Hello, my name is R. You all have read the blurb, so you know how the story goes, but let me tell you that the characters are abysmal!!!

Danni is the pure human offspring of two Sentinels who were never interested in having children, so Danni grew up in the compound with others to look after her, and through a series of events, Caine of one of them. Return to Book Page. Good, they were making progress. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I really like how Mathewson gave us flashbacks and glimpses of memories to help us truly understand the history between these two incredible characters. View all 8 comments. Job well done, Ms. Here we have the story of Danni and Caine. The only downside serids nothing was resolved on the Josh issue so hopefully 4 will deal with him and Jill I still cannot sefies that she is buying the crap Logan is selling her Overall another great book in this series and I am very happy that it is not over yet!

Apr 10, Sheryl rated it it was amazing Shelves: