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He is a big name Nia is not. I love Kellyanne so much! Can you guys find something else to talk about besides Nia? Avery was Leroys partner. What she did to him was not the same thing. I feel like this cast pic is the best she’s ever looked. On top of that we are watching two people get yet another win.

Nia was butt naked lol I need to see this! If I had to guess, we may not be seeing Cara Maria this season. However, CM is one of my favorites but I hope she takes another break. November 4, – December 19, – 2: Log in or register to post comments. Plus most of the fresher faces are gone within the first few episodes. I’m sorry but this cast so far leaves alot to be desired 1st off why the hell are there 4 AYTO Non-castmembers on there?

Battle of the Seasons 2 in place of Fresh Meat 1: I vvmo won’t be watching this one. The show is evolving, get with it or bounce.

Bloodlines only had 10 RWers. Did Jamie know he was coming on a Challenge or was this team like a late game alternate? I agree i think it might be a knight situation. Campus Crawl Derrick RR: PR hasn’t done me wrong yet.

This happens every season yall think something is going to flop when it doesn’t. Wins missions first few of rivals 2goes against what the house wants to do botshas vvevmo with people provides him with rivalshooks up with people provides him with exes. Thomas they should want back is Marie, LaToya, and Robb and none of them are going for it lmao.


So we already have 3 AYTO.

The Challenge: Rivals 3 (SPOILERS DISCUSSION) | Vevmo

We havent even seen a lot of those “mediocre” teams to even make that assumption. This challenge is giving me Gauntlet 3 vibes.

I feel like this cast pic is the best she’s ever looked. January 19, – 1: Nothing against her and I do think she can be a good character on the show but as of now she hasn’t done anything to warrant all this hype.

January 16, – 1: November 14, – Im getting Seasons 2 vibes from all the fighting. Las Vegas Veronica RR: Mostly late late night, then she’ll delete it by the morning.

The Challenge: Rivals III

His one strategic move was telling all the other teams they should gang up on Vevom as if Wes hadn’t been working towards that the whole time. PinkRose I looked at that promo again and I think Simone was arguing with a female possibly Camila and Tony just looked to be inserting himself in it because Simone isn’t even facing him.

Vevjo eliminated by Bruno Push Over 8. It makes no sense. Ugh I hate Sarah. If averey is pared with ct than they can go far I just saw another promo of it on iG https: Was the snapchat a trick? Lmao no Trey but some guy named Nathan most ccast us have never even heard of Whitney eliminated by Makeda Push Over 9. But I don’t think she would of.


I think that’s mainly because of the whole Tonya situation they’re trying to be real careful and real strict with stuff like that though.

Campus Crawl Coral RW: Oh yeah you got a point. Both cast pools we’ve seen on a previous show. He was just an example. Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments. At least she wasn’t a fake profile. Do I think she will come back, yes at some point but the fact this wasn’t the first time could work against her. April 20, rivwls 5: If they cast people from AYTO and a few of rivalls bloodlines vevno people like Trey and others who are still willing to do it then I will not watch.

January 25, – 8: January 16, – 2: Plus he showed he was a solid competitor on Rivals 2 and that he can bring drama by going against what everyone wanted him to do on BOTS.

And Nia did get a call but not a second call.