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Sports Ballroom e Youkoso 18 Basquash! I’m different from you though: I fell in love with this anime after the 1st episode. The music is amazing. Just at the end of this Imaginator arc we immediately receive the whole 4-episode OVA of the next one. And I suppose the obvious one here is Death Note.

It was good seeing a more serious side to the twins and I think Haiji’s leg issues will provide some good drama. January 15, at 8: C’mon, you’re almost done anyway and it’s one of the better shonen series. Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Or by its japanese title above is a series not about rascals or bunny girls but instead about contextualising common high […]. Before we get into the next arc which I will cover in its entirety in the next post , this Imaginator arc reaches its conclusion. The other ones in your dropped list are all pretty bad though so good job xD I know ef it’s not the best high school romance but the plot is very interesting and you will get a few very surprising plot twists along the way. Sports Ballroom e Youkoso 18 Basquash! DrunkenBlowfish Aw come on, finish up Endless Eight!

It makes me wish that some other anime with better stories had a bit more weight in terms of atmosphere since I think this one does it with very few elements.

Angel, enjoyed the story line but if you have watched it in dub Lsgrange suggest if you watch it again watch it in subs Soul Eater, havent watched it myself but read the first volume of the manga you’ve only watched one episode so give it another chance?? It doesn’t look you gave it much of a chance to begin, and it’s probably most enjoyable soon after where you stopped at. Sometimes writing these posts makes me feel I have to be “critical” and I think that can skew my writing at times.


Its the politest take you could get on that premise. Oh wow, big change in quality there. This was a great week and arc. Anonymous It felt like a new version of inspector Gadget could be do like this. Story wise there were some interesting ideas and […]. BBCode “Hey, I’m totally an adult! Anonymous Edgy 14 year olds everywhere.

Anonymous Miura’s other book, The Great Passage is only over pages long, which made fitting it into 11 episodes reasonable. I do think they could get rid of shounen shark guy though later on and not bother including him.

I’m never going back to Haruhi, but I will consider watching Bleach if I ever run out of anime to watch. Lenlo Like I said Kaiser, I feel that whatever Dororo did this week would have to live up to episode 6, and episkde was a nigh impossible task.

Kaguya-sama has mostly avoided the rihne territory in which a lot of high school romcoms drown themselves, so I was relieved when Fujiwara busted down the door and pointed […]. HKenji Serial Experiments Lain. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – just ignore the eps of the endless 8.

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I think if adapted correctly dororo the character ‘s backstory, the stuff with Daigo’s son will be a highlight. Hello and welcome to what is, I believe, an anime original week of Dororo! Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Eepisode I heard that show was about a teenage girl’s crush on an older man. I suppose the anime studios have to hit a certain number of episodes which demand stretching the run of a story in any way.


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Anonymous It’s also great to see how far Kurahana has come since the start. I was pretty confused early on, but the characters are fantastic, latrange make for an enjoyable 50 or so episodes.

Before we get into the next arc which I will cover in its entirety in the next postthis Imaginator arc reaches its conclusion. It drops the whole harem thing for a more focused story.

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anilinkkz SuperMario Glad to here you have brand new one coming up Kaiser. Anonymous Vonter Well, the author hated the original adaptation because she butted heads with the show’s director. I think I know what’s coming for me lol.

Lenlo The reddit anime awards are done! Similarly, its be so very long since Rine played it, it was all the way back in I would recommend it, even if you’ll never watch anikinkz.

SpiritedAnime Looks fine to me. Ocarina had better dungeons, but Majora had more involved and menaningful sidequest. I wish I realise it before I picked up the show, because I definitely need to watch those three episodes again.

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Death Note – A must watch to all otakus. Nailinkz love this version of the anime too! I’m curious as to why you’re never going back to Haruhi.

Production wise, it was incredibly expressive this week.