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Those values are believed as a form of state s violence towards its citizens; b The existence of pickpockets as a form of structural poverty, which is likely caused by an unbalanced distribution of resources, discriminations created by social institutions, and the development of industries and technologies which creates gaps in various forms of employments; c Marginal groups such as poor communities partially women and children as an impact of unemployment and how poverty is accused as the main cause of massive social gaps in Indonesia; d The failure of the state in creating and maintaining wealthy citizens is also believed as the reason why the level of crime in Indonesia is relatively high; e There seems to be a classical problem in Indonesia s society: I owe my sincere appreciation Lebih terperinci. This is of course contradictive with Talcott Parsons view on structural functionalism that could be solved without Marxism. Starting from unemployment problem to arbitrary actions of police. Therefore, this research involves active roles of interpretation from the filmmakers, especially the three main people behind the camera the producer, director, and screenwriter , and also the researcher herself. I owe my sincere appreciation.

So, it is considered reasonable if in some cases, the individuals living in the cities could become detached towards their own society due to the discomfort and anxiety they feel towards the city s heterogeneous atmosphere and its overwhelmed diversity and size. Adnan my examinator , Mr. Princeton University Press, , p J. The current research uses a phenomenological method in interpreting the movie, not semiotics. The Almighty God for giving me a life to live, lessons to learn, and temptations to overcome. ABSTRACT In carrying out the operational, a company needs to have activities good corporate management supported by qualified personnel in order to work efficiently. The early months of felt difficult.

Descriptive Phenomenology lcunya Film: The current ringksaan focuses on how the phenomenological method is applied on movie studies while the literature focuses on the theoretical explanation and elaboration on phenomenology, without applying it to any particular case. The current research involves the individuals behind the camera and the behind the Contributions of the Literature in the Current Research There are basically no direct contributions that the literature has for the current research.

This is an inspiring movie because it tells us about hard work and struggle for life. The nonequivalent dependent variables design Design: Tidak mengerti struktur yang sebenarnya, mengira bahwa are atau.


Citra Sinema – Film Bor

Hanneman Samuel, and Mrs. Untuk mengusahakan integrasi iini tujuan perusahaan dan tujuan karyawan, perlu diketahui Lebih terperinci. So, it is possible to say that in this study it is quite clear that film could stimulate certain patterns of behavior, imaginations, and conceptions of life.

Setiap pertanyaan hanya boleh diisi dengan satu. English Education Department Teacher.

Starting from unemployment problem to arbitrary actions of police. While in The Content of Motion Pictures, Dale focuses on categorizing and describing movie themes based on movie contents. As for the limitations, the lack of sources of previous sociological studies on the behind the scenes process of a movie making and the failed attempts to interview the director of the movie may leave the Literature Review and The Description of Data and Results chapter incomplete. Elfira Fibriani Student Number: I will treasure all the laughter and tears we shared in the last four years.

The writing process didn t just require deep and analytical thinking, but also physical and psychological sacrifices.

Berger, behind the scenes, pembuat film “”. So, in this case and according to Karl Mannheim, film can be defined as an artistic product, a creation intended by a subject, and a cultural aspect that motivated the subjective intent. As an artistic product or an object of consciousness, film is judged through its visual characteristics light gradation, camera movement, etc. The Phenomenology of Peter L. English Education Department Teacher Lebih terperinci.

Bad moral here can make us aware that it is not good and should be avoided. The literature has an important contribution to the current research because it the literature presents a strong theoretical framework and foundation to interpret and analyze the interview and other data descriptions on the behind the scenes ringoasan of the movie in the current research.

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My favorite Sosiologi UI seniors, Maulida Raviola, Nur Huda, lni Andri Ramawan Adipura, for the sincere and unique friendship and all the craziness that we shared through our love of music and movies. I owe my sincere appreciation.

So, it is considered important to also reveal the behind the scenes process in movie making, including the experiences, intentions, and meanings based on the social realities that are retold, captured, and objectified through the screens. Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Ihda Afifatun Nuha Skripsi ini ditulis untuk. Sociological Perspectives on Social Problems, p.



Nevertheless, he do not give up and keep trying to look for the other job. A Semiotics Study of the Movie Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini 35 Using a constructivism paradigm through semiotics, this bachelor of communication studies bachelor s thesis focuses on identifying the values of social inequality, marginal groups, and poverty in the movie Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini.

Though, of course, in the current research those terms will be defined according to the sociological theoretical framework. This movie inspire us about a life of thief. Ihda Afifatun Nuha Skripsi ini ditulis untuk Lebih terperinci. Those individual s intentions strongly influence the film s style and technique.

Sehingga, penelitian ini melibatkan peran interpretasi yang aktif dari para pembuat film, terutama tiga orang utama di belakang kamera produser, sutradara, dan penulis skenariodan juga peneliti sendiri.

The movie actually a bit teases the reality in our government.

They help the children by teaching them about religion, education, and many things. This is why a phenomenological approach is required in film studies in general because the tendency of contemporary film theory is to use a normative instead of sequence of the film to ensure that one scene to another is inter-related. Hari Nugroho for being such a gentleman, and a patient and understanding advisor, and also for fully comprehending what I really want and need alangakh write in my bachelor s lucknya.


Maulidyah Indira Lebih terperinci. In the movie making process, the motivations and initiatives to create a certain artwork a movie usually come from the three main people behind the camera the artistswho are the producer, director, and screenwriter. Smith, p Edgar F.