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Miles – What a crappy commander. One in a million? Anyway, fifteen years without trying to turn the power back on cause while all the millions are dying, cause hey ya know the rest might die if we turn on the power. I don’t know what it is that keeps me coming back to kinda, sorta hate watch you this much, but I’m coming back. I will be back for S02, because this show is so crazy it can’t help but entertain, and hands down it was far superior to the train wreck that was The Following. I haven’t seen a single scene between him and a woman in which he’s not ridiculously close to her, looking at her with crazy eyes, like: Bad directing, bad editing, appalling script. He’s my kinda a villainy person.

The video was priceless. Charlie was pointless even when the show WAS about her. This episode review was seriously, ridiculously hilarious. I’ll ignore how they acquired the parts” This is where on of the problems with the show lies. It was the one in a billion thing that did it. If I were any of the other people in the community he was living in, I’d be asking where MY extra rations were! I like my chances.

Can’t wait for Season 2! What you don’t get is that you can’t defeat terror. It was Rachel – crazy-ass Rachel!!! Grace didn’t know that there was anybody in the tower, guarding the towr, at that point in time.

But first, Rachel asked where Nora was, and Charlie I-told-you-so’d her with a spiteful, “She’s dead. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Seeing the lightning for the first time in 15 years was Monroe’s way of realizing the power was on. Why must we suffer Aaron just because he’s the resident geek? They went in there on false pretenses and killed thousands of innocent fevolution.


And why were nuclear missiles already aimed at Philly and Atlanta? Audible Download Audio Wtach.

space 1999 s1e20

I think there are shows out there WAY better than Revolution that you could review but don’t. That’s right, the show is written by children.

Revolution 24 May There are just way to many plot holes where you just go – hu. Rachel needed to get down there, but how?

Wouldn’t one inworked? That’s exactly what I have been raising hell about since day one olnine they got the power on again.

“10 Things I Hate About You” Revolution (TV Episode ) – IMDb

onlinw Georgia didn’t go to war the second the power went on, they were losing the war before they flipped the switch due to Monroe’s advantage.

Plus, after 15 years, people still have light bulbs hanging around everywhere? Flynn eats a bullet One in a million? A tripwire bomb made out of twine and old liquor bottles, of course!

Your video was brief and ballsy. Aaron and Charlie must have come around to Rachel’s need to turn the power on, because they were fully on board. Hollywood hates Bush, what else is new? Getting his picture smashed is the least this guy’s deserves. There’s no way the missiles were targeting our own cities by default.


English subtitles for TV show Revolution – S01E20

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Tabitha Cook Angela de Silva I had the same reaction to this episode that i had to the end of GoT’s The Red wedding, things just got interesting. Neville is trying to gain power over the Monroe Republic Neville Nation, baby! Season 2, since the mid season break they finally found the ammo watvh 15 years and ditch the useless swords, crossbows and muskets for real firepower.


Not sure if I’m gonna watch season 2. What kinda bubble are you living in. Nope super security there. When I heard the song at the beginning that’s exactly what I said, nice touch Kripke but of course it works better on SPN. I fevolution really care about action scenes in general, only in shows i really like, so I don’t care if they are good or not.

Yes, the show is fiction, but unless it’s supposed to be a show based on magic or magically powered super heroes then you have to keep some things legit, or at least revokution.

I could go on and on, but there’s been so many that I’ve forgotten and onlkne be arsed to watch that show again. Yeah, Neville bitch slapped Monroe with reality, huh? D Now it is just a wall of text I see Isn’t that a tad overkill? Shaun aint going nowhere: I just can’t stand it.