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Our pitch wound up being 4 minutes probably. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Ben and Eric, who now have regular appearances on QVC, have praised their new shark partner, calling her a dynamic addition to the business, with an incredible capacity to get the company moving forward. Check out the video: They edited out a lot of the conversation where Sharks talk about strategy with us I feel like your product would kill it there. I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Those who claim Barbara was discriminating against rich kids are living in a bubble. Which is another skeezy move that I feel is obnoxious. What was the deciding factor for choosing Lori over Robert? It was beyond awkward. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Robert plays host if Kevin is in the middle of a deal since they were both on the previous canadian Shark Tank iteration, Dragon’s Den, and have the most expirience. Explanation and examples of this rule can be found here All AMAs require proof. Search for ” Episode 6.

It minimizes the seriousness of the decisions being made. I Ben am a SEVEN year Redditor and am delighted to answer any questions you may have about how to go about launching a product of your own, being on Shark Tank, or what the hive mind was like in the golden ages when karma parties and cake days were moments you cherished.

For hours and hours! They told us 45, companies auditioned for Season Recently found out about this show and I’m hooked! IAmA submitted 4 years ago by reviverman.

How many times can you use one Reviver? I think that discussion helped frame a lot of rwviver that followed.


Lori smelled the pungent shirt, and declared that the aroma of food was completely eradicated after just a few quick wipes with the Reviver product. He says he wants all of them to close, and I believe all Sharks feel that way to be honest. You might have answered this on the show but I forget Not trying to sound rude here but Cost ranges eppisode our process has been two years in the making unfortunately. Those who claim Barbara was discriminating against rich kids are living in a bubble.

I understand that being tani to “make a decision” is an important part of life, but I feel like I would strongly protest that on principle, forgo whatever that deal was, and not look back. Because it seems like when sharks are episove inconsistent they aren’t being called out for it.

The editing made it seem like it was a snap decision on your part.

Episode #6.4

Only two of the six judges are scientists. You can head to our website and purchase all the different kinds of swipes! I get asked this everyday Robert wanted us to focus deeply into certain channels – like pets. Conversational dialogue begins after the pitch.

Lori really is the best. Apparently only Kevin Mr. Unfortunately not, since I think their feedback wouldve been interesting to hear.


Lori wants to go on QVC and pitches her connections. But seriously, smoke swipe is very effective at freshening clothes from smoke odors.

Did you walk in knowing who you wanted to make a deal with? The Sharks sell themselves a little bit on why you should see their vision. You just try and make eye contact and smile, but it’s just odd.


It felt good to receive strong support from the other 4 sharks.

Reviver Update – What Happened After Shark Tank – Gazette Review

Results and More Feb 18, Dallas-based Reviver makes odor eliminating dry “swipes” that consumers rub on their clothes to make them smell better.

My questions are, how long did the actual pitch take?

There should be a “Hookers sharl Weed” meme just for Bill. I think Mark thought I meant “technology” as in an app or something. If you have any insight, let us know! Good question – I’d say Mark. There’s a due diligence phase that happens after the filming. You aren’t supposed to be interrupted, unless of course in my case where Kevin asked if Reviver worked on his balls.

I literally cannot count the times — tabk LEAST three or four times a week — that he will complain to me about the fact that he epispde to spend over an hour in someones house that reeked, usually of smoke we are non-smokers ourselves and that for the rest of the day, his clothing and hair will smell like cigarette smoke.

I feel like the editors try and do a good job being honest. Well, maybe not everyday