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But he seems to be a pretty good boss. I took the whole thing as her being disappointed that she wasn’t special. It must be wrong, unless USA’s schedule is wrong. Is it one of Elliot’s passwords or something? Price make my skin crawl. You’ll note we have seating for both “confused” and “confused, but carrying tinfoil hat” viewers.

We have to really put the pieces together ourselves which I think that myself and hopefully you guys are enjoying. Loving Angela’s corporate look. Price The fucked up thing? I loved seeing that in there! Not just this episode, this whole season. They are calling it E Corp.

That’s what I got when he was talking to the beat up dude in the kitchen. It’s so scattered, you know? But that’s what felt so sloppy to me here. Price make my skin crawl. Did anyone else see the frame jump when Craig Robinson and Elliot are in the diner?

Robot is real to me, dammit! Elliot’s rant verbalized the internal conflict one has. Society could have been based anywhere in the world. She thought the dinner meeting was one thing, but it turned out to be something else entirely. I always love it when comedic actors show their chops in more serious stories.

My TV guide says that too. Makes her feel wanted and attractive even if she doesn’t want Price like that or maybe she does, who knows. July 20th, Synopsis: The chances of someone coming across AND finding a connection to the group would have been crazy slim. From the moment she challenged Price on whether to speak to Bloomberg or Fox, he chose her for an important mission to take down those two executives that are scamming the company with insider trading.


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This is probably built so we get two types of drama: He recognizes when his employee has a good point even if it goes against his wishes, and he rewards them for their good work. Even if we know they’re great actors, it still takes us up for a loop, because we are so familiar with their comedies. I found it weird given that she’d have to be pretty paranoid and technically familiar to be aware of the subtltles a zubtitles like Romaro could booby-trap the ports on his computer, but she’s too lazy to just set the damned time on her clock.

You would think that months earlier in the show’s timeline someone would post a picture of it online and it would be under scrutiny.

Also craig robinson is, surprisingly, fucking killing it. So no evil Corp filter. PVM laer ad uoY. Tyrell balls deep in that guy’s butt. The red wheelbarrow has been in every episode so far.

[Mr. Robot] S2E03 “” – Post-Episode Discussion : MrRobot

I really hope that he wins an Emmy against some other really other talented actors! I feel like wirh this show Get an ad-free experience with rfvenge benefits, and directly support Reddit.

I dont think there has ever been a more perfect way of describing how easy Adderall seems to make everything.

I don’t think she knows how to feel about the whole situation yet the power dynamic, ditching the lawsuit, etcshe is more concerned about that ego trip at the moment. Lotta complaints about the pacing of these episodes What do you think his character is about? Transcribed what I could of it. This is a careful group that went to an incinerator to burn everything they had last season, and had a party to fill the place with prints and DNA, but “F.


I’m hoping she finds nothing. And next week is 90 minutes too so no idea what could happen then! There’s always one small mistake. Not so lucky this season: But she is special.

Angela’s arc is finally interesting, wasn’t a huge fan of her in s Also, can we get a reverse playback of Leon’s line during that scene and also a slow-mo analysis of the hyperspeed lines that Elliot spoke to the camera?? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

They usually get caught from doing stupid shit no matter how clever their plan was initially.

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And how after masturbation she weirdly and immediately transitions to thinking about the end of the world. Kill someone, get drunk at a bar and blab to the stranger next to you.

I’m getting g the vibe he runs a dark net market like the Silk Road after that scene of him talking to the beat up guy. They didn’t come just to watch Mr. Society” spelled out in revejge of your place never crosses anybody’s minds? Then, as Tyrell loses power and fades away,we get a little bit closer look at Price, and he drops the ‘I’m glad he’s dead.

I loved seeing that in there! It’s still possible, I guess.