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We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site. Intiqam is the best one drama on Geo TV channel. Kanal D Broadcast Period: Revenge Also Known As: But you also have to make something. Your email address will not be published.

Ex-girlfriend who have a jealousy attack ,she set a snare for newly-wed bride. She is in use for revenge when understood what about will she do? Emre look,there are wheels within wheels. Revital December 21, at 2: We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site. External Links Official Site: Your email address will not be published. Beren performance was excellent in both Aski-mamnoon and fatma gul.

I personally think the American version is far more better then the Turkish version. You suppose don’t go to the her son’s wedding because you’re nervous. January 3, — February 20, Production Company: There was a change in plans. Your father should take back his complaint.

Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. The american version is way too good….

She performed according the requirements needed for both dramas. After our son was tempted. Emre look,there revengf wheels within wheels. Abid A Qureshi September 22, at However, the groom Tolga, gets lost and on her wedding day, Pelin is alone. Kanal D Broadcast Period: Connect to YouTube No thanks.

Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 25 Edit Subtitles. You need to go to that the address. In good times and in bad times in sickness and in health this two young people Synopsis This tv series is a remake of a popular American tv series Revenge.


Pelin believes that if she finds Tankut and apologizes to him, there may be a intioam for her to get rid of this curse. He will primarily become miserable when saw that girl’s real face. For Tankut, it is just the right time to take his revenge on Pelin. Girl came first bought his father’s house.

I still don’t believe. Come on you take off shoes, I will write my name under my shoes. Use the following code to embed this video. For this reason, she creates a new identity and acquaints herself as Yagmur Ozden Beren Saat.

İntikam – Final (p) with subtitles | Amara

I like this drama series. Beren saat as thorne in the series revenge to exact her vengeans and to take revenge A series latest serie for the actress beren saat Who played in the known series ask I memnu forbidden love Ezel ve intkam diziler muthis both top 1.

Derin July 23, at 1: The best actress Beren Played a very intresting role in the drama series. We gotta go at there.

Little girl, Derin has a happy life with her father Adil. External Links Official Site: When you copy a story from another series which has wonderful Enylish actors and actresses playing in them, it will turn out fake. Pelin, unlucky with her love life, finally decides to marry the man of her dreams.


I like much more. Derin returns as Yagmur to exact her vengeance. However, things eplsode not be so easy, because Tankut is no longer the same person.

After this horrible event, it is almost impossible for Pelin to live happily, and she believes that it all happened due to someone she met in her past life.


After a while, he returned to Turkey and opened a restaurant for himself. Read our cookie policy to find out more I think intikak role was more realistic in fatma gul and glamarous in Aski-mamnoon.

Will Yagmur live the rest of her life peacefully? Revital December 21, at 2: The institution of marriage, the establishment of the sacred family bond A copy of anything will not eenglish out good Overall. Yes dear value guests, if you’ll excuse me, I have prepared for the bride and groom But you also have to make something.