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Review of the Omega Bullhead Rio edition. The ROCS system, transmitted via a set of shielded magnets, creates the planetary movement visible on the dial, whereby each timing hand and day-of-the-week indicator rotates independently while the larger main disc with the minutes hand rotates once per hour. And the lower dome contains the mechanical movement. As the movement winds automatically, only a short wind is enough to set it in motion. Also published on Medium. Dear Ian, brilliant write-up of a highly complex process.

The dial modules rest in fluid for days to ensure that there are no trapped air bubbles. The Ressence Type 3. Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart. The central titanium plate extends to form the lugs, and two domed sapphire glass encase the plate. The presence of real lugs and not a wire attachment device like in the Type 1 and 3 , the rotating bezel, the overall shape of the case are closer to the traditional codes of watchmaking. The Type 3, while incredibly cool and innovative, features thick lugs and a larger case, making it sit a little high on the wrist. The entire process is rather elaborate, but once learnt, it is quite easy and rather intuitive. A gravitational gearing system allows the indications to be adjusted separately:

First of all, this watch has been explained extensively herein our introducing review. The impression is that the indicators are projected onto the sapphire. Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie — salmon dials. baselworod

This year at Basel, he revisited the original Type concept with a new crown-less winding system and thinner case. Small concertina pressure valves. Subscribe to Govberg’s newsletter for updates about new collections, exclusive events, services and highlights from your favorite brands!


I always liked this watch and knowing the physics behind it makes me like it even more. Meditations on the Audemars Piguet Code The main selling argument of the Ressence Type 5 was that it should never have this issue. Feel free to contribute! So, here we are today, putting myself in the position of a future owner of this watch, and experiencing like most of them will this Ressence Type 5.

The automatic winding rotor of the Ressence Type 3.

Introducing: The Ressence Type 1 (Live Pictures, Specs, & Pricing) – HODINKEE

The mechanical temperature gauge is used to indicate the optimal operating temperature from -5C to 55C. The Ressence Type 5 actually has a regulator-style display, with datch indications for the hours and minutes.

Once again, the idea was not to talk mechanics here. Legibility is actually very good, considering the pitch-black dial with highly-contrasted indexes and hands. It is brilliant, just brilliant. Ressence The New Type 3. The effect is illustrated in resssnce video below. How Do They Do That? No hands, no crown. Six Watch Recommendations with a Salmon Dial, fr The movement is protected from the effects of any magnetism by a soft-iron Faraday cage.

The Type 3, while incredibly cool and innovative, features thick lugs and a larger case, making it sit a little high on the wrist.

Review: Ressence New Type 3

The Ressence New Type 3, now with an oil temperature indicator. On the outside it mentions that the watches contains petroleum, is that what they viceo or is it diluted with another fluid? Weekly Roundup March My jaw dropped when he replied, no, this is actually a dial bathed in fluid and that is the optical effect I was seeing.


Here, the minute hand is the largest and the clearest. People who dive know that a watch is readable under water only when looked straight in liauid dial.

But all these is already introduced in the Ressence Type 3. Learn more about Ressence and the Type 1 right here.

I am curious if it will finally hit the markets…. What seems like a floating display which tells the time. Under the domes is where the interesting stuff happens. It was actually never defeated. I love lquid Ressence Type 5. The Type 5 feels like the natural extension of a concept.

Ressence Type 3

Miguel Morales Ribas talks about Ophion. Plus points again and again. Govberg Jewelers is excited to announce that they are an authorized retailer for Ressence. If, like us, hnads love the Type 5, do not hesitate to vote here. Do you have any idea what kind of fluid Ressence uses?