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Instead, rugby movies tend to be “inspirational”. Mainly because of the language. The film is full of cereal-box slogans and corny speeches, but it does have one or two funny lines. His dad and uncle are buried at the end of the road where his house overlooks that ocean of fog and he plans to stay right where he is, thank you, “to take the boys through, hopefully keep the right balance in life. Use the HTML below. He coaches his year-old son’s team and hopes to one day coach the seniors.

Not quite people live there, many of them farmers. Film makers Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith were pleased with the support. Cue the sappy music. Which size would you like? Most rugby films never really capture the physicality of the game. Mr Thomas said most of the Reporoa club had seen the film, and were happy with it. The Ground We Won is only now starting its run in festivals. Share on Twitter twitter.

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Kelvin Thomas says there’s a fine line between being a character and an idiot and he doesn’t know where he sits on that line. Kelvin Thomas, one of the main characters, made the trip to Auckland to accept the awards clb behalf of the film team; who took the top honour against major box office hits like Poi-E and Chasing Great.

They shifted into the motel movke the main street and stayed for a year.

Leave everything out there, eh. Take Forever Strongan American Bible belt film about a drunken rich kid. I have a suit and tie. It’s a communal point, anyway. The choice of modern classical music for the sound track, using strings only, seems odd at first, but in the end it adds depth and sympathy to the portrayal of these tough, hard drinking, hard living men.

Edit Details Official Sites: NZ Herald interview with the filmmakers, April The film is really about how a cultural pursuit like rugby becomes a way of blooding, educating and initiating young men into the full rites of manhood, Kiwi style.


It’s the most sentimental movie in Eastwood’s canon, but rugby does that.

Reporoa’s rugby documentary

That is difficult, even if cluh love the game played with Gilbert’s balls. There were times Smith and Pryor were behind the camera thinking, what’s going to happen next? He works all week and the weekend is rugby, and recovery. It was a good year for the rugby team. Share on LinkedIn linkedin.

Many rugby films wind up in dead ball area but The Ground We Won is an exception

It was straight back to reality for one of the stars of Reporoa documentary The Ground We Won after picking up one of the country’s biggest film awards; getting up the repora morning to milk the cows. Sign into your NZ Herald. Share on Twitter twitter. Main character Kelvin Thomas, who has been busy fielding media inquiries, told the Rotorua Daily Post yesterday the whole community had repotoa buzzing about the event. It was about nuns.

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His bad attitude persists until he’s forced to train with the team his father hates most, Highland. Inhe was awarded the Geraldine Pascall prize for critical writing, the highest award in the Australian media for critics in any genre. At the same time, the film shows another side, in the gentle and loving way that giant prop forward Kelvin Thomas is raising his twin boys, aged about six, to love the game and uphold its traditions.

That when fog arrives, it sits.

I just love that they are all going to be there,” Mr Pryor said. Thomas is doinghour days on the farm at the moment and that’s nothing.

He coaches his year-old son’s team and hopes to one day coach the seniors.

Between matches in the World Cup, I have been surveying the field, trying to come up with a top five. NZ Film Commission page on this film. But there’s nothing majorly wrong with what we do. On the final edit of the documentary, they held a viewing at the rugby club and told all of those who featured in it, if they were concerned about any of the content, they would take it out. Reporoa has been taken to the big screen, so its people are heading to the big smoke. Where to see The Ground We Won.


Mogie Ground We Won trailer. Start your free trial.

Reporoa stars set for film premiere – NZ Herald

Miriam Smith Writer, Producer. Many rugby films wind up in dead ball area but The Ground We Won is an exception. The rdporoa takes place in Mr Thomas described the experience as a bit of a rollercoaster and said he even had to give an acceptance speech in a reooroa of actual celebrities.

Everyone has been through it. We will walk the red carpet. He’s the team captain, the life of the party, and as Smith puts it, “he’s like the ideal man in terms of these notions of manhood.

Visit our sister site The noisy library of New Zealand music. And if you go to the plateau, the land below looks like an ocean.

Related News Film Acquisition Rundown: The Ground We Won 8. He will one day take over his parents’ farm and plans to “just keep chipping away, eh. The trophy for Best Documentary, a moa, was brought home to the Reporoa Rugby Club trophy cabinet on Saturday evening. Register with us and content you save will reporox here repotoa you can access them to read later.