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Since fire safety was an important issue, the NFPA and local building codes required projection booths to be of fireproof construction, to be provided with a second exit, and to contain a lavatory and a toilet since the projectionist was prohibited to leave the booth at any time that film was running. This process uses an anamorphic lens to film the picture that compresses the image horizontally by a factor of 2 time as earlier explained. This is normal and will disappear within shows. The brilliant colors are impregnated in the base of the film and are absolutely non-fading. Then, every three 2,foot reels of a feature could be spliced together onto one 6,foot reel for a running time of a bit less than one hour. A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item including handmade items. Vinegar syndrome VS , once begun, is self-catalyzing and the decay cannot be stopped or reversed, except as noted below. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.

Scanned Wide Screen Prints. There is a big difference in value between a print that is original and one that is a dupe. All Fiesta Leader in ft rolls. I think if it were known in the right quarters, this product would be banned in Europe. However, a “jump splice” in the middle of a song or important dialogue is not expected. These are the result of poor film handling techniques, dirty booths and uncaring projectionists.

Watch list is full. If you do not have the cleaaner to project the print with a full 16 foot lamberts of light, then do NOT classify a print with this description. As a collector, perhaps by now imbued with a desire to screen your films the very best possible way, you may be developing an interest in learning more about the art and science of projection.

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Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. Again I have not done enough testing to promise that.

Hand and Machine Cleaning. Do not use damaged or torn packets. Early stock had a blue sound track and usually soft focus and the more abundant later stock has sharp focus and a solid black sound track.

An error occurred, please try again. The 16mm CinemaScope image loses a little off the top and bottom of the original 35mm CinemaScope image. Tue Dec 29, 6: This is another method of adapting older Academy ratio films to work with a projector outfitted with a 1. I also believe Filmrenew contains some as well. What value you want to place on a vinegar print is going to be your own personal decision, the same as if your buying a print which is fading or turning color…….


They are soft, lint-free, inexpensive and disposable. What the operator does is load up two rolls one for the base side and one for the emulsion onto the rneovex cleaner as normal. Light base side black scratching is to be expected as is some dirt renovdx, but it should not be to the point where it distracts from the film.


The thickness can be measured using an inexpensive micrometer. Tech, will change when subjected to high heat and humidity.

Then show it in that format. This is a treatment ffilm to create a non-scope print when the original image was anamorphic, resulting in a 2. A cheap splicer will….

Thus, the film is in a way “submerged” in liquid and will project to the screen with true “wet gate” qualities, the likes of which can only be seen today in laserdiscs, DVDs and the Texas Instruments’ new DLP video projection system. Perfect for the collector FilmGuard is the ideal solution to use for preserving film collections.

The only way to fully arrest color fade in the fading stocks is to freeze the film. Did a little online research into this; the manufacturer is undoubtedly right that the non-lubricating “type 1” will remove the lubricating “type 2,” after all, it’s the same solvent without the added lubricant.

All Fiesta Leader in ft rolls. Renovfx can determine the stock and manufacturing date of a film by the printing cleanerr the sprocket hole edge of the film. This venture lasted for two years and ended only because my friend felt a need to feed his family on a regular basis.

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As the logo faded to the opening titles, the curtain began to part majestically, and the footlights dimmed in step with the curtain so that they were extinguished just when the curtain was fully opened. Since there were no carbons to adjust periodically or to replace, the projectionist could now leave the booth and work elsewhere for 45 minutes or so. NeuTaper Splicers Precisefast, foolproof tape splices.

Wed Dec 23, But prints ran once or twice a week through dry web media cleaners will still attract dust and dirt, right?

There are several excellent available cleaning solvents: How do you tell the difference? The only attention the film receives during the run is re-threading for each show. Shortly before say a minute or two the end of a reel, an end-of-reel alarm sounded whereupon the lamp was lighted and the screen was watched, and, at the first cue mark the projector was started.


What is the Film Stock? Every few feet you will see the name of the stock and a date code and it is helpful to have a magnifying glass to read it. There should be a definite “wet” glaze to the print. Most of the color film stock that you will encounter as a collector is “Eastman”. He may not volunteer it, so you have to know what to ask. Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

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He began in the nickelodeon days when the two-pin Edison projector was considered a wonderful machine, and he has continued, becoming himself an institution along with the developing art, into this day of the amazing complexities and large responsibilities of the modern projection room, with its maze of machinery and all the delicate, intricate devices that are involved in sound picture reproduction.

In a friend and I decided to lease two long-closed neighborhood theaters and try reenovex hand as independent exhibitors. However, if anyone uses FilmGuard specifically for this renovexx, I would be very interested to know the results and will post them here.

They are applied as follows: On this forum, you are “free” to question any statement that is not understood, and debate any differences you have with another member. The reason I say hold the sprayer tip against the media pads is to keep from spraying the FilmGuard all over the cleaner.

In short, use the same set of media pads over and over for an entire week.

Vinegar is easily detected by a smell. If a seller tells you he hasn’t looked at the print in a long time or is otherwise unresponsive, then forget doing business with him. A good rule of thumb is that any picture prior to or so will have been shot in 1. Are there any side effects to using FilmGuard?