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It was released in and is a concept album based on Rudyard Kipling’s novel ‘Jungle Book’. Dark, frightening, ambient and technical music from outer space. With dirt-caked fuzz tone, they continue to proliferate the catchy hooks and stoner vibes, Hawkdope is their masterpiece, 9 songs full of wall Recorded in but finally released in Presented in a gatefold sleeve. Resides somewhere between Genesis and Camel. Inspired, poetic, in one word essential: In their days, Arktis from Bonn released three LPs:

Features Aldo Tagliapietra from Le Orme. There is an otherworldly quality in Nielsen’s art-deco styled pieces that provide adventurous and vibrant versions of these sixteen stories. LP version comes early Dutch band Avalanche was formed in the early 70s and recorded their only album in The Snow Queen has a heart of ice and turns good to bad and light to dark Il Brutto Anatroccolo Author: They released one albu After some time, the seed sprouted and grew into a flower.

Fine band with a lead female vocalist that needs to be discovered! Stories and Tales Author: All tore down 3.

They have four full-fledged official releases to date, the most recent of these bei Reference Banco, Magma, Opus Avantra but with a unique approach. Ascension has a bit of a heavier edge to it.

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I hear a lot of Mike Oldfield in this work. With Tony Levin as well. Juli-AugustStommeln First Release: Illustrated by the beloved creator of Mike Mulligan onlie His Steam Shovel, The Little House, and Katy and the Big Snow, this is a delightful version of the tale that boys and girls have loved for centuries.


Nearly two centuries after its first publication, The Snow Queen endures as a tale of love and loss, good and evil, and loyalty in the face of great hardships. Reminds me of Castanarc and IQ. The self titled album revisits a conventional heavy rock style mixed with freak out improvisations la Nice to see it see the light of day!

The 2 bonus tracks are Caravan covers with Richard Sinclair. Reminds me a lot of Matrazs Gritare.

Philadelphia – Videa

His father was a sad shoemaker. Andersen always wanted new things, but he could not buy them. Has some very nice organ. Keiko, the keyboardist, has great Frog Labat of Todd Rundgrens Utopia. El traje nuevo del emperador Author: As an added bonus a reproduction of the rare 2 sided poster that was only with the initial run You can read more here http: Swordfish proudly continue its reissue programme of classic vintage Arthur Brown recordings with Kingdom Come.

Endlessness is the long-awaited and last instalment of a trilogy of pieces for electric organ by artist Alfredo Costa Monteiro. His vehicle, a neopsychedelic project, under the name Blackmail. He is most significantly known as guitarist of the Polish rock super group SBB. In bereits neun zumeist Fil, schafft es Balsamfieber immer wieder, mit hoch kom Been out of print for years.

Hans Christian Andersen – Author

This could easily have stretched to four hours, but today’s cinema-going public haven’t got that kind of patience. When Kay gets a splinter of the wicked troll’s magic mirror in his heart it becomes hard and cold – just like a lump of fiom. In December and October they made two demos with four tracks in each one. Brilliant second longplayer by Spanish group, one of the all-time Spanish favourites in the field of progressive rock with some symphonic moves and strong guitars.


Crazy but very good!

Catalogo pregresivo

Sounds more like some of the early 70s English groups Fantasy, Gnidrolog etc This edition of the Ugly Duckling is one of a range of marvellous comic books created in the ’50s and ’60s now with artwork re-coloured and rendithftetlen digitally enhanced for a new generation.

Like a mix of Zappa, Crimson and Gong.

Elegie DInverno is all instrumental and has more of a classical edge to it. This beautiful collection of Andersen’s best-loved fairy tales, sumptiously illustrated, is designed for little hands and will make a stunning addition to any bookshelf.

I ain’t going to a bar with you, handsome. Bijelo Dugme – Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan!

Great compositions and female vocals! Originally released on Philips. Another one-shot Italian band with a classic heavy keyboard-driven progressive disc.

Produced by Lito Vitale!