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Ashi is more than determined to get her revenge. Episode – Mar 22, Tia is suspicious seeing the bag but Raghu tells her that it is time she needs to stand by Ranveer and support him rather than suspect him. Ashi says that now they are on even terms. Yuvi is shocked when he hears that Aditya has printed and displayed posters advertising the Remix concert all around town. Episode – Dec 22, All the kids gather outside and are worried to see Tia missing. Sonia Ray tells Sumeet Ahuja that she also does not like Arjun and that Ranveer is the only person who can help him out. But, Tia and her angels are completely taken aback by her antics. Raghu challenges Ranveer, that he would soon win!

Ashi is irritated with Siddhanth as he constantly messages her. Remix – Episode published 5 year ago Varun gets a clue to know about a member of the black eye gang. The performance is a big hit. Episode – Oct 6, Anvesha is upset about what Aditya has done. The match begins and the Maurya team is off to a very bad start. Raghu is trying to taunt Ranveer to a fight.

Latty slips in a letter into Mitra’s staffroom requesting him to pre-pone his rounds by and hour. The Mauryans’ mission is accomplished when the Thomsonites are forced to vacate their rooms in the middle of the night.

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Yashwant has yet another secret plan to keep Yuvi away from his mother. Episode – May 17, The party kicks off on a high note as Remix is ready to perform and set the stage on fire. Ranveer tells Aman about this. The kids dance to Salsa at night by the end of which Ranveer proposes to Tia! Tia takes time to answer to Ranveer’s proposal but eventually says yes. He also says that he too is taking a break from his work and going somewhere for a vacation.


Sid however, catches her red handed with evidence when she is backstage and threatens her that he would expose this act of hers in front of the entire college.

But at the end of all this, Yuvi and starine find out about Ashi’s noble intentions of doing a Charity concert for an old age Home.

Jumbo immediately refuses but some honest and determined reasoning by Tia leaves Jumbo with no choice but to postpone the exams. Everyone is happy as Ranveer is back in college.

Episode – Jan 16, The kids are surprised to hear Jumbo’s statement and they discuss all possible reasons as to why Mitra is taking so long to announce the punishment. They decide to rehearse and prepare for episkde great concert.

Yuvi invites Ashi to join him for a rock concert and she agrees.

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Arjun goes to Tia to apologize and Ranveer sees them together! Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. This enrages the Thomsonites in turn and they too swear revenge. Ashi and Yuvi come to the conclusion that there is e;isode snitch as the information hadn’t reached Mitra. They have a blast enjoying their holidays in Sanganer.

Ranvir who very well expected this is by now broken and starts packing staronee his stuff to leave. Episode – May 23, Shyla is very upset with Ashi as she holds her responsible for her breakup with Yuvi. Mitra expresses his keenness to meet Yashwant Dev in front of the boys. He tells Mitra that he has come here to meet his son Yuvraj. Tia is worried as she overhears Ranveer and Aman talking about Vrinda leaving for Chennai.


Episode – Nov 9, Back in Mumbai, Yuvi tells his friends that he wants to take up arts but his father would never allow him to do so.

Ranveer is surprised and sad to hear that Tia had left without a word. Nakul comes in to apologize and explain the poem to Meher.

Remix – Episode published 5 year ago Varun gets a clue to know about a member of the black eye gang. Episode – Sep 15, Tia wants an explanation from Arjun about the letter he sent to her about Ranveer.

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Yuvi gets suspicious as he notices a bike following them everywhere. Pri confesses to Vrinda about the fake letter from her sister in Chennai.

Debashish Mitra and is taken aback by Gloria’s description of him. Episode – Mar 7, Ranveer is confused to see Tia upset and walk off with teary eyes. Aditya gets very angry when he hears this but he somehow manages to control his temper. Vipul eppisode looking around college when he runs into Sonia.