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Catherine, with Narcisse’s help, discovers that she is actually being slowly poisoned by the pages of Henry’s old Bible, which they conclude was also responsible for turning Henry insane. Mary learns about the wedding and is heartbroken. While Francis is busy, Mary makes a deal with Herr Schuler David Jansen , a German duke, who offers grain in return for the release of Protestant prisoners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catherine has a vision of Francis’s death, but Francis, Mary and Catherine’s doctors attribute this to syphilis, which she has symptoms of. Catherine and Narcisse’s sexual relationship continues, though Catherine is concerned when she learns that Narcisse still flirts with Lola. On the eve of the attack, Delphine performs a sexual pagan ritual with a servant boy.

A shepherd Steven McCarthy who was marked by the riders goes crazy and kills his family. Bash learns that his and Delphine’s souls are bound together due to the ritual Delphine performed. Marie de Guise visits French court to attend the Duke of Guise’s funeral. Francis, when he returns, is distraught and blames himself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Leith proposes to Greer, but she refuses, saying she wants to keep her new independence. It will be up to Greer to use all the wit and abilities she has to make a new future for herself. Not that much later, Greer meets Lord Aloysius Castleroy recurring guest star Michael Therriault at the Harvest Festival; but their first meeting does not go well.

‘Reign’ (Season 2): The Downfall of Greer Norwood Castleroy

Francis refuses and decides to make a stand. Catherine learns that Mary wanted to go to Beauvais, because of her recent miscarrage, decides to see a fertility doctor. Bash fears that Francis’s sickness is the cost of his being revived seaxon Delphine.

Castleroy is released due to Leith’s petitioning, and Greer tells him to leave court without her. News is out that Mary and Francis are estranged, so various nobles parade their ane at court in the hopes of Francis taking one as his mistress.


Mary and Louis sneak out of the castle on their way to Scotland, but are seen by Antoine and turn back.

Afterward, Francis meets Nostradamus, whom he has been seeing in castlleroy Francis is still dying and Nostradamus has been giving him medicine to stave off the symptoms. After the rest of Louis’s army surrounds the castle, Louis asks Francis to surrender — promising that in doing so, Louis will protect Mary from Elizabeth.

Mary remains shaken from recent events and asks Francis that they be husband and wife in name only. Catherine confronts the ghosts, telling her daughters to leave and wait for her, and banishing Henry away for all the harm he’s caused. Retrieved February 20, Retrieved December 5, The downfall of Greer Norwood Castleroy was, sadly, out of her hands and seemingly unfair; but par for the course given the time period in which cstleroy series reeign set. Catherine tries to send Claude away by marrying her off to the son of a Bavarian Count, but Claude sabotages this by making public sexual overtures on Narcisse.

Mary sneaks out of the castle to go to Louis, asking that he protect her because she’s pregnant with his child. The bodies of the recently-executed Protestants bear the marks of the dark riders, so Cardinal Perazzo Bruce Ramsay concludes that Protestants have this mark to declare their extremism.

Mary is discomfited by the baby, but gives Francis her blessing to claim him. Inspired by Mary’s bravery, Louis protests the edict by falsely claiming to be Protestant, though his protest causes other real Protestant nobles to speak up.

Preparations are underway for Francis and Mary’s coronation, but the pair are preoccupied with a food shortage manufactured by Narcisse. Retrieved November 14, Retrieved from ” https: When Greet and Leith were caught kissing, though, Lord Julien called off their engagement and her reputation was basically ruined.


A shepherd Steven McCarthy who was marked by the riders goes crazy and kills his family. Francis remains unconscious and is feared to be dying. Antoine, believing an alliance with England is better, successfully gets Louis to a secret meeting with Elizabeth’s envoy, Lord Burgess Rob Stewart.

Narcisse tells Lola that the stories of abuse were untrue and that he was overprotective of Estelle because she was suicidal.

‘Reign’: Leith Stopping Greer’s Wedding? — Season 2 Spoilers | TVLine

Soon after, Francis wakes up while Mary wnd by his side. Retrieved April 18, However, when asked to donate money to build a supposed school for children of other Protestants, Aloysius gives freely. Mary learns about the wedding and is heartbroken. Mary and Francis’s relationship continues to be strained.

Louis is to be executed but escapes thanks to Elizabeth’s agents. Kenna leaves court to have her child outside France, and on her journey meets the young King of Imereti. However, Francis tells Mary that he can never trust her again.

Unknown to Mary, her letters outlining her plans to abandon France were taken by General Renaude Vince Nappowho passes them to Narcisse, who informs Catherine. Bash starts a romantic relationship with Delphine and brings her to the castle, hoping that she can replace Nostradamus as a court seer.

Mary agrees, but she and Francis are still unable to have sex, and Francis learns about Mary’s tentative feelings for Louis. Claude confronts Catherine, who confesses to the poisoning because she believes that Claude killed Henriette and Emone, but Claude claims that she didn’t do it.