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Aline Bernstein designed the costumes and Horace Armistead the set. Blitzstein’s “play in music,” as he called it, glorifies the industrial unionism of the CIO in Steeltown , U. Views Read Edit View history. Those who despair at the widening gap between the contemporary composer and the general public still must return to his achievements for study and inspiration. It was completed in and premiered the next year. Leo goes off as Horace meets his lawyer and tells him he will draw up a new will.

Most notable is the absence of a love story, though the plot is suffused with relations gone murderously awry. Regina Scottish Opera version. It was completed in and premiered the next year. Regina was first performed on Broadway in Performance materials available on rental from European American Music. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

They located the dusty, unused Venice Theater 20 blocks uptown, and the audience marched.

EAM: Marc Blitzstein – Regina (Original)

Jazz trumpetRucker clarinetLias banjo, guitarSebastian tromboneAdam washboard and drums. As Blitzstein put it, “I wanted to write something as real musically to Americans as Italian opera is to the Italians. Ben and Oscar realize they have no recourse and concede.

Regina was too far ahead of its time. Leonard Bernstein performed the piece when he graduated from Harvard in Choreographed by Jerome Robbins, it starred Maria Tallchief and dealt with racial or social discrimination.

Yet in his day, Blitzstein figured among the most widely recognized composers, especially for the theater, where he gave back in music the speech patterns of our entire range of social classes from Greek immigrant waiters to society matrons. It synopsid an immeasurable loss to American music, for though Blitzstein had long since become a secondary figure with a string of failures trailing his name, he represented the vanguard of the theater and music world’s social conscience.


Regina Giddens schemes with her brothers Ben and Oscar for money and power. Prominent in Blitzstein’s work is the theme of the underdog in American societv. Des Moines Metro Opera. When her crippled regiina Horace opposes her plans, Regina denies him his heart medication and he dies of a heart attack. Lillian Hellman was also a leading leftist author of the time.

The work was written to be played on Broadway, although it is a through-composed opera. He composed for the Allied cause and directed musical activities for the American Broadcasting Station in Europe. Today Blitzstein’s name is barely recognized by the American public; abroad it is rehina unknown. Streams Videos All Posts. He asks to be left alone as Zan goes upstairs. Zan ,arc in to tell Regina that she is leaving for good. Blitzstone has ssynopsis a milestein in the theater,”.

Regina (Scottish Opera version)

Through from a musical point of view aynopsis is one of the composer’s most brilliant scores, it never got to Broadway. The story is set in Alabama inallowing Hellman and Blitzstein to use African Americans and other common folk of the region to represent the proletarian ideal, and the social and financial system of the Deep South to represent the decaying stages of capitalism.

Regina enters, and Horace explains that Leo stole the bonds; he goes on to explain that he will treat it as a loan and that he has left Regina the bonds in his will. Jazz trumpetRucker clarinetLias banjo, guitarSebastian tromboneAdam washboard and drums. This recording blitztein nearly all the music written for the opera. Scottish Opera May Regina is for many reasons an unusual piece, even for the opera house. It was an unmistakable reference to the martyred anarchist immigrant laborers Sacco and Vanzetti.


Ben and Oscar complain to Regina that her husband, Horace, has not put up his share of the capital yet. Not one to preach what he didn’t practice, Blitzstein joined the U.

Inthe City Centre Opera produced a different version of the opera with greatly expanded orchestration, giving the work a more “operatic” rather than “Broadway” sound. Regina gets Horace alone and placates him, telling him that she had him come home because she missed him so. Regina, Ben, and Oscar come out to welcome synopsix, then Birdie enters. The plot concerns the conclusion of a business deal and the synospis struggle of various family members to get the best part of its spoils. A Short History of Opera.

Regina Scottish Opera version. New York, New York: In the summer ofwhen Nazism nearly vanquished the Soviet Unionthe composer was 37 years old. Views Read Edit View history.