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If he were any more inwardly directed, he’d become a black hole. Onur is a wonderful improviser and a great raconteur. On the surface, the pair couldn’t look more different. I get a kick out of things like that. Man With a Plan. That film, the wacky road comedy Red Flag, plays better than his overly tense thriller, Rubberneck. No subtitles; poor audio level; no special features; marginally poor acting; was suppose to have some sub level of humor – I never even chuckled once; lots of credits overlapping the first five minutes of film to occupy film time. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

The deeply personal narrative that drives writer-director Alex Karpovsky’s road trip comedy Red Flag even extends to his protagonist’s name. So how are you doing? But in two features out this week, Alex Karpovsky is much more than that: Have you watched that? Hilarious and moving in equal measure. Feb 21, Full Review….

I wanted it to feel very slow, creepy, chilling, and meditative.

If he were any more inwardly directed, he’d become a black hole. Or in Paul for that matter, or Ray, or Jed?

Red Flagon the other hand, is a fpag meta-comedy in which Karpovsky, playing a version of himself, goes on a roadshow tour for a movie he’s directed Woodpeckerwhich is also the real Karpovsky’s sophomore feature immediately after getting dumped by his girlfriend. Unfurling across six southern states, RED FLAG is an observant, dry, self-effacing, and painfully funny meditation on commitment and the human ability or inability to mkvie.

The manager assigned his parents’ move basically handled everything, he said.

Not to this degree, no. A Filmmaker Turns Inward Twice. His buddy Henry Onur Tukel refers him to a reflexologist to cure his back pain — and flay so with a monologue about the sexual responsiveness of toes that is both disturbing and darkly funny. Full Cast and Crew.


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It has this cool, reasoned, scientific calculation to it, which reflects the story. Who are the others you see in this cohort? Hoping to escape the pain of his recent breakup, he stumbles into a twisting constellation of fear, sex, and tortured Where the insights of Red Mmovie come just as easily as the laughs, Rubberneck ‘s character study is more labored.

It takes humility and self awareness to be able to pick out your neuroses and amplify them and try to make them accessible and funny to other people.

‘Red Flag,’ ‘Rubberneck’: A Filmmaker Turns Inward (Twice)

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I ran into a friend there who was recharging his McDonald double kzrpovsky burger addiction after organizing a move into an assisted living facility for his elderly parents in Maryland. I love the sensibility. The fears, the insecurities, the neuroses—are all mine amplified, hopefully for comedic effect.

Feb 18, Full Review…. The deeply personal narrative that drives writer-director Alex Karpovsky’s road trip comedy Red Flag even extends to his protagonist’s name. What looks ostensibly like an attempt at self-help is actually him karpovsoy his real issues; it’s clear he looks on all of this as fantasy, but it still seems easier than doing jarpovsky work necessary to heal himself and his relationship.

What technical decisions did you make to differentiate genres between the two movies? Mike Birbiglia, for one.


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Learn more More Like This. All an alert for cheap. As the pair travels from one half-empty theater to the next, pursued by an adoring fan Jennifer Prediger who drives them into an exceptionally uncomfortable love triangle, Alex-as-Alex is forced to suffer an endless series of humiliations, each one more absurd than the last. The thriller elements of the plot — which Karpovsky delivers quite ably, with an electric tension that carries through much of the film — aren’t really balanced by the personal revelations on which Karpovsky eventually hangs Paul’s problems.

We had a proper light package, with the dolly and a slider and all these lenses. But beneath those surface differences — and the fact that one is much more successful than its companion — these two pieces share a great deal, and there is some sense in considering their simultaneous release as an odd-couple pairing.

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Paul, who seems a gifted scientist but an emotional child, carries with him a decades-old trauma from his youth. So here we go. He also painted 65 paintings for the film.

Red Flagthough, is very much a caricature of who I am.