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Sweet saturation, high contrast, cutting-edge optical quality, unique bokeh, super-speedy aperture mechanism — the Lomogon is the ultimate Lomo eye on the world. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox. Marie Toh and the Lomo’Instant written by crissyrobles on Today, TLRs are pretty much the domain of collectors. The viewfinder is actually an opaque screen, not a direct view through the lens. Figured out the problem and fixed it on my own just now. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of that so that I could do close focus without shredding my fingertips.

His black and white world leads us to encounter new faces and figures which the photographer has frozen in time. A waist-level viewfinder means not too many creative camera angles, and a focus screen that gives you a horizontally inverted view means slowing down to compose. Keep the negatives as clean as possible. The shutter was the only tricky part. Citrakayah Posted 9 years ago. This camera is one of the few that can allow you to put the film in backward and expose the BACK of the film.

Maybe this is just a loose screw or something?

Recesky 35mm TLR: Fun All Day with My Plastic Companion · Lomography

Four of our favorite photographers beautifully captured some portraits using the Lomogon Art Lens. Bulb mode is possible according to Camerapedia-Recesky. The closer you are, the harder it is to focus by adjusting the focus ring. Citrakayah Camra 9 years ago. Also interesting to point out is that the film gets exposed in the portrait orientation.

It was the same way on mine, it would rexesky up my fingers except it wouldn’t get any better.

The shutter seems to rely on two plastic parts being in some sort of highly unstable equilibrium, and once perturbed returning back by spring force to this state. Twin Lens Reflex TLR cameras were originally developed aroundas an attempt to streamline the photographic process.


Film loading problem. | Gakkenflex & Recesky | Flickr

Both of these cameras can expose the film including the sprocket hole area, which is something the Recesky cant do. If you have any ideals, please let me know. The Recesky is cxmera the smallest 35mm TLR camera out there, and for sure the cheapest.

The manual offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn Chinese, although it is quite clear just from recesmy pictures; together with the inventory picture at the first page in the manual, you can pair up the different mandarin signs for different screws shown during the different steps.

Look for user ext for some of my images with the camera!

This camera conspires against you at every turn, but in the best possible way. The shutter assembly is made up of six pieces— three moving parts and three springs. My second one I flocked the inside prior to assembly which made a bit difference.

Getting the shutter right, and getting the frame advance indicator equivalent to frame counter to function properly. There are two solutions. I tell my photography students that our DSLRs are hand-held computers with a window on the world. The spring camerx pulls the shutter open is particularly tiny. The camera has a very small exposure opening.

This means a lot more pictures per roll than putting 35mm in a Holga for example. That, and the fact that you have to assemble it yourself. Cameera can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a receky stand. Julia Grandperret Motin is a self-taught photographer, dipping her toes into analogue photography when she was just 17 years old. There are still some focus issues around the edges, but the high contrast and sharp center-focus tells me that with some patience and some practice, solid results may be possible.


Nice photos and fun to build.

Recesky 35mm TLR: Fun All Day with My Plastic Companion

This particular man-cub is one of the most thoughtful people I know, which is one of the reasons he gets so pissed off every year around the holidays and my birthday over the high price of camera-related goodies. I’ve been on the fence about this camera for a while but I think I might go ahead and get it now. The focusing window requires two hands to open, but can be closed with a single hand. I love this camera, my first roll blew me away!! Mine is very easy to focus.

For the most part, assembly was not that bad. Edited by Citrakayah member 9 years ago.

This was a big step in cutting down on the amount of time required to take a photo. Painting a very fine arrow with a perminant paint marker on the advance knob, pointing in the correct direction can really help. This is a receksy, DIY do it yourself kit that takes about hours to assemble, after which you can have a ton of fun shooting with it.

The Recesky TLR DIY Camera Kit – A Review

Start-to-finish, this took a couple of hours to put together. Well I’ve assembled the camera, everything works. For our young film photographer Caroline Dare, you are more than just a single shade or hue of a color. You can find out more about John on his website and follow his adventures on YouTube and Facebook.

You can use higher and lower ISO film than normal to achieve different effects.