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Nene and Cynthia will work things out 5. Most Juicy Juicy Comments. Michelle Confronts Draya Michele…. Kim is removed from the opening credits. Kayla C June 25, During a dinner gathering, Kenya who still hopes on getting a marriage proposal from Walter ponders on whether if it will actually happen while bringing questioning of their relationship to the rest of the ladies and their men. Oh remember how Madara is being built up as this Godly unstoppable villain?

Episodes Season 1 2 3. Cynthia lets Kenya be a judge at her Miss Renaissance pageant. SMDH bottom of the barrel anime. Most notably, this season has seen Joc and KD have a dominating storyline despite neither being credited as a star of the show. The Sip — Episode 11 ft. Kandi and Phaedra attend a self-defense class while Porsha along with Kordell continues to see her therapist. Demetria is a damn fool.

Retrieved March 5, She juce right, there wasn’t a good spirit in the room. Porsha waits to take a pregnancy test until she arrives home in Atlanta with Kordell.

Anyway, I like Malorie for sticking up for her family. No because Kishimoto apparently forgot they existed as well 4 Plot holes galore. And as far bringing atlantq Sheree, she washed up and delusioned as ever so its pointless to bring her back.

Call Me Miss U. Porsha is angry over a fight she had with Kenya. I live for Mona, Spencer, and Hanna. Kandi records her first gospel single with Marvin Sappand her father stops by the studio to thank her for acknowledging her holy roots.

RHOA Season 6: Episode 14! ‘Peaches DIVIDED!’

TV by the Numbers. Kenya and Phaedra argue, after Kenya states that Phaedra is too overweight to do a fitness video. Walter keeps popping up and Kenya has had enough. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8: TGJ’s Top 5 Wishes – That Grape Juice

Anyone else see that?!?! Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved March 26, She deserves even worse than she actually got. Hold on to Your Weave”. Phillip June 25, The Real Housewives franchise. Remember it was her clique that were saying Phaedra was a criminal and should be locked up before any of this happened. Tbh the Porsha Kenya Nene and Phaedra drama is so tired. Feb 8, 4.

I have zero sympathy for Kandi. Who is your fav? This episode marks the first appearance of Porsha. I ain’t even goan try to log in tomorrow lol It’s about to go down on here.

I could tell eipsode soon as Nene walked out in that hideous night gown acting weird. Retrieved January 9, Kandi ought beat the fck outta that long neck ostritch.

Cynthia needs her ass beat NeNe and Greg come to a reconciliation in their relationship. Which homosexual came up with this mess of a show? Porsha asks her therapist for some guidance regarding her relationship with Kordell.

TV Preview: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ (Season 9 / Episode 10)

RHOA needs more personalities to keep from having to overwork all of the same storylines. Kenya confronts Walter over their relationship status. Later, Kandi hosts her first Bedroom Kandi sales gathering where the ladies truly see how huge her empire is becoming.

Kandi and Phaedra attend a self-defense class while Porsha along with Kordell continues to see her therapist. NeNe faces challenges before she heads off to Los Angeles to shoot her role in The New Normal including bonding with her new granddaughter and planning to move to a new home in the Hollywood HillsLos Angeles; the rest of the ladies throw a going away party for her.


Phaedra and Kenya continue on advancing their own fitness workout video projects. Episodes Season 1 2 3. NeNe settles more into her new life in Los Angeles and meets her acting coach. I am here for the all it tomorrow!!! Michelle Confronts Draya Michele…. R June 25, Cynthia is lucky to have her. We’ve waited two long weeks and Bravo better not disappoint. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

I read the manga as it was coming out lol. Cynthia and Peter discuss with NeNe and Gregg a couples trip to Anguilla, and contemplate inviting the rest of the ladies, while Kenya and Phaedra double date with their men at a local amusement park.

Phaedra invites Kandi and Todd over for dinner. Nene, Cynthia, and Kenya visit a drag queen for a charity event, while Kandi and Phaedra miss the limo ride.