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A Very Hairy Situation It was very emotional. Why did you decide that those two should not be together at the end? I like the multi-generational shows. Jolene is suspicious of Dante after she sees him kissing another woman. Teddy’s secrecy about embezzling millions of dollars in the past, and the surfacing of suggestive photographs, leads Rayna to believe he is having an affair. Rayna asks Deacon to help write a much-needed hit for her new album, and it’s like old times.

Juliette wants to make her music more mature. And when you lose everything, then you have to figure out what do you really want. Juliette comforts Maddie and Maddie tells her that Deacon is her father. What a gorgeous, intimate scene for the two of them. You were watching a man shattered. She also hints that she already has an idea for a Nashville spinoff series.

A Very Hairy Situation Albums The Music of Nashville: Mad at her parents, Maddie runs away. It was a perfect ending to the whole experience, it was like getting to relive the entire show in one day.

‘Nashville’: What Rayna’s Fate Means for Connie Britton (SPOILERS)

I was so sure that to finish the show without her would leave on such a wrong note, that it was just impossible. Deacon asks Avery, Gunnar and Zoey to be his ragna up at a gig, which proves to be a success.

Rayna cancels the remainder of the tour to spend more time with her girls which leaves Juliette furious. Rayna asks Deacon to help write a much-needed hit for her new album, and it’s like old times.


Luke thinks a friend of Colt’s may have put the video online. What is in store with him? The next day in Nashville Rayna, Deacon and Buckley are all waiting for the at the airport.

Scarlett says goodbye to Gunnar before leaving town but he tells her not to. Juliette just looks like she wants to pull her wool socks up all the way over her head and disappear, but she smiles and tries to act normal.

Retrieved November 29, Meanwhile, Juliette Hayden Panettiere sold her Nashville mansion to move to a farm outside the city with Candace, and Avery Jonathan Jackson finally found out that he would be a father again. Season 5, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: Later on Gunnar meets with Jeff who is starting a publishing division at the label and offers him to come to the company.

‘Nashville’ Series Finale: Creator Callie Khouri On Possible Spinoff | Deadline

Retrieved February 25, A Very Hairy Situation You know they were all just… everyone felt it so intensely. When Teddy asks to go to the doctor with Peggy, she fears that he will find out that she really isn’t pregnant and lied to him so she fakes a miscarriage. Concert venues are dropping from Juliette’s tour and Jeff is furious, so he tells Juliette to apologize for her blasphemous comment or she’ll be dropped. Retrieved December 6, Have you talked about any time jump?


Why did you decide that those two should not be together at the end?

‘Nashville’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 — Rayna and Deacon Go to Therapy | TVLine

Juliette is the main act at Teddy’s first annual Music City Festival, but the media hounds her over her rayn with Charlie Wentworth. Scarlett’s childhood friend Zoey moves to town, Peggy suffers a miscarriage but lies to Teddy.

Season 5, Volume 2. Juliette makes changes on her tour and cleans house.

Meanwhile, Teddy serves Rayna with a restraining order stating that he doesn’t want Deacon around the girls; Rayna finds support in Lamar. I think she really wants to not be that character with the big shows and all of that. Retrieved February 11, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved May 28, How did that scene come to be?

Retrieved May 9,