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With its false notes inexplicable. This means that the receiver is sensitive to overheating. We can get things going a crunch already nervous but not totally successful sometimes hanging so low sensual , a beautiful palette of overdrives that have a nice aggressive chest bass. The amps are not iPhone, they throw after 3 years to buy the “new revolution”. Repeat the choice, not especially Did not some other super amps. Very solid sound and when picking single note riffs for instance Slayers South of Heaven or Dead Skin Mask, the RH keeps every note seperate and clear with a huge ammount of gain. It is particularly serious bit of Randall and deserve more than they ever sell a single amplifier.

Our members also liked: Repeat the choice, not especially It sounds fine as a practice amp and really good with headphones, but here is the good part: I needed something solid that would deliver an immense ammount of gain that still sounded coherent. Therefore, always use it with a 4×12 so it gives far enough. Stylish, solid and just plain cool to look at. Gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb.

The clean is worse, a little unbalanced, awkward. However, my title sums up the back of my mind. The footswitch is yead and practical.

The highlight of the Mesa was the solo, where she kept a regular and constant envelope, even in mounted games. The crunch is nice also gain one.

This is an excellent amp for both Studio and Live shows. Did you find this review helpful? Note that the cable, about 5, 6 meters, is completely removable, style Midi cable. I’ve done it –it’s great. Did not some other super amps. Sort by most recent most useful. Hot Dh100 clear and deep, good reverb amp for this type of metal rather orient. Maybe I just need a Raodie. Rather in the low end of the class, which does help, gives some extent, guitzr after a certain point metal rings and overrated.


User reviews: Randall RH G2 – Audiofanzine

She will seres make you a hundredfold. To quibble, I regret the absence of a “level” for each win in the overdrive channel I posted some pictures of mine and others taken from behind the net. Loyalty to the game is pretty good even if the amp is not a dynamiscien said. At the rear, the outputs of Practice for speakers, 4 and 8 ohm only, and the effects loop with level one for the send and return for another. This means that the receiver is sensitive to overheating.

I do not see how to add in this category A master-general, very effective. All our new music gear is under a 3 years warranty, one year more than the italian standars, while ex-demo and gitar gear have a 2 and 3 years warranty, respectively.

Drrire there is a footswitch input, another for effects loops I thinkand 2 for connection between the baffles – Clean: Very Small Randalll RH Generation HR will then cease to change, modernize its signature sound, making it more “go anywhere”.

This amp has really impressed me and has nothing to envy some lamps Built in Foot switchable Digital Reverb. There Guihar found the best Mesa Recto.

I also liked the fact you can use it at low volume while keeping his big win thanks to a master usually very effective. Head Phone Jack 9. There is a good compression, the palm mutes out “big”. The adjustments for tone and effects are not extensive but are voiced and set up musically so they are very useful.

Randall RH100 G2 Series – 100w Guitar Head – USED

Transistor watt head, two named pipes “clean channel” and “overdrive channel” A treat that has nothing to envy the kind of references. This is unbelievable and not the personality of the great Fender cleans, Carol-Ann or even Tech21, but it is clean and worthy of a great regularity.


The finish is not exemplary. You can keep it in your car and play anywhere at anytime. It is particularly serious bit of Randall and deserve more than they ever sell a single amplifier. Shipping Costs outside Italy. For me, an ultimate weapon for whatever needs a dh100 album. Comparative tests even allow me to say that Mesa Single rectify was totally ridiculed by the leaders in this type of use, then one would imagine, however, as the best of the mesa by his side “reference”.

But by sacrificing all this violence that is present on this first generation. Sounding at once huge and tidy at the earliest fragments of sound. Effects loop with independant volume control. I used to use a Digitech signal Processor to add a bit more meat to my sound, and since I bought this amp I haven’t used the digitech at all.

Unable to do cruncher yet, randlal the records metal is very good.

A reverb level per channel, that’s great! Stylish, solid and just plain cool t2 look at. With its false notes inexplicable. Toggle navigation Toggle Search. Musicarte Store is an online musical instruments shop.

Here’s what you can find: Had mine for a year now and have had no issues. Here and there one sees things that seem fragile. Did you find this review helpful?