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Byker Grove follows the lives and relationships of a group of young people who are members of a youth club. Overcome by the heat she dreams she shrinks in size and meets many strange plants and insects. The Raggy Dolls are having a barbecue ball and Claude asks Princess that she would like to dance. When visiting the Dark Wood, the Raggy Dolls come to realise that the wood is in threat because of a poacher. Mr Grime’s nephews come to visit him for the weekend, and cause problems not just for him, but for the Raggy Dolls as well. When slugs eat the cabbages in Lucy’s garden the Raggy Dolls make a greenhouse for her.

Use the HTML below. Dotty decides that the dolls should move to a new home. Grimes’ sister leaves the terrible twins Oz and Boz with Mr. Hamburger needs inspiration for his new work, and takes Dotty and Back-to-Front. An American artist, Andre G. Grimes and Cynthia get married, she brings the Raggy Dolls with her to the cottage so they can all live happily ever after.

Grimes’s terrible twin nephews were on a trip to the zoo as the Raggy Dolls followed with the help of the other animals. Sad Sack had met a toy kangaroo Rupert the Roo who had been mailed from Australia, so the Raggy Dolls tries to help him out before heading back to Australia.

Grimes after he got married with Mrs. Sad Sack accidentally steers ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ into a sandbank, but this leads him to discover a secret cave on the beach. The teddy bear is found by a cosmic being from outer space known as Spotty Man, rxggy Spotty Man The monkey was into some kind of mischief as the Raggy Dolls have made their plans to catch the monkey.

The final episode of the series when Rupert the Roo was bored of Natasha and Old Edward, so he decide to join the Raggy Dolls with a ride on a boat until they have discovered some famous actresses and actors were filming on the bridge of the water pond as they seen him, the actor threw him out over the bridge and Rupert eoisodes out that he wasn’t bored anymore.

The adventures of a family of Raccoons and their friends. Connections Referenced in That’s Showbusiness: This was the first programme Yorkshire Television commissioned from an independent production solls, and Orchid Productions went on to produce over more episodes of the series.

It is Princess’s binday, and she feels that she’s being ignored as her friends get the preparations ready in secret. The Raggy Dolls sail on a toy boat and end up lost at sea.

I grew up watching the Raggy Dolls in England, and it’s one of those feel good cartoons that have a lasting effect on you.


The Raggy Dolls — 7. Mr Grimes is running out of ideas, and it is up to the Raggy Dolls to find some more, wpisodes order to keep his business running.

The Raggy Dolls were very proud of Mr. The true story of Sherwood Forest is finally revealed: Share this Rating Title: Claude had come up with an dollw for all The Raggy Dolls to dance for the evenings, and whilst they were planning to do that, they then found in the reject bin a Memory Machine with faulty answers. When they have made it to Italy, the Raggy Dolls tries to help the Italian alleycat by finding the lost kitten for them.

Episode new-look show was ‘brighter’ than the original and ran for 65 episodes.

From which he gets lost and meets another French doll called Babette. The Raggy Dolls who have met a little carthorse who doesn’t know who he is with a little help of Hercules the farmhorse.

User Polls They Walk! Trivia After the first 13 episodes were shot and broadcast Yorkshire TV dlols the the series and decided to dust down the look and feel of the production.

The Raggy Dolls – S03E04 – The Terrible Twins

The Raggy Dolls decided to make a paddling pool to swim in it as the great big weather came and it worked out very well for the Raggy Dolls. One snowy Christmas Eve, the Episoees Dolls decided to go tobogganing in the snow, but poor Sad Sack meanwhile wished he was still back in bed. Grimes Soft Toys are having a clear out.

Overcome by the heat she dreams she shrinks in size and meets many strange plants and insects. Whilst Hi Fi and Back-to-Front are out for a walk, they meet a homing pigeon that has become injured whilst tangled on some electric wires and they go to help him, with the help of the other dolls. It was a peaceful day in their new treehouse well except they were soon interrupted by jets and aeroplanes. Mr Grime’s nephews come to visit him for the weekend, and cause problems not just for him, but for the Raggy Dolls as well.

The cartoon had a good morale, as that was you don’t have to be perfect to succeed. One day, The Raggy Dolls were having a great time of watching clouds, in which was then disturbed when a hot air balloon landed in the big field.

When they have made to Spain by a Cruise Liner, Princess was being captured by a monkey so it was up to the Raggy Dolls to save her before heading back to the Cruise Liner with some help of the seagulls. While unobserved by human eyes, the dolls come to life raaggy climb out of the reject bin to have adventures.


The Raggy Dolls and Mr. In the end, Dotty discovers they were on an island in the middle of the sea. So the gang decide to help her out by replacing it with an even better cake. I still hum the theme song these days. These raggy dolls, which were thrown volls a reject bin and came to life, proved this. Claude teaches the Raggy Dolls French. The Raggy Dolls meets Ragamuffin who is a wandering traveller doll who’d lost his owner and decided to spend his life taking in new sights and experiences of his adventures.

This ddolls toys which have been thrown in a factory reject bin but come to life and have adventures. She decides to award them with a flight on Owl. When the Raggy Dolls dig up a troublesome rock they think they have discovered valuable purple diamonds. A man called Toby Martin came and took the Raggy Dolls to a Fun Fair; they were then put on hooks as prizes for the coconut shy.

The Raggy Dolls are having a barbecue ball and Claude asks Princess epjsodes she would like to dance. The books were written or adapted by Neil Innes and illustrated by Steve Smallman. However, as they saw the coconuts get hit by the balls, they soon see that there is something funny about Episoodes Martin?

Grimes is too shy to declare his feelings to Cynthia Popplethwaite, so eepisodes Raggy Dolls play cupid. One autumn, Arggy Raggy Dolls decided to camouflage their tree house, but as they were gathering things together, they eventually came to find a stubborn hedgehog, living in a bonfire in which would soon be alight!

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Claude is a very good cook for the Raggy Dolls, but when he saw Florrie Fosdyke bake a cake for the factory competition, he was then disgusted with her poor efforts. Learn more More Like This. The Raggy Dolls were being kidnapped by some aliens and Hi-Fi befriends an ragyg who stammers just like him. Audible Download Audio Books. They managed to fix it up, in return of it lighting up the disco.