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Gautham Pooja va love pannuran nu thappa Vaani kita pottu kudutha eppo adhe Gautham kita helpuku vandhu nikkira asingama illai?? Thenu asking kathir ” about the poisoning”. First she decided for sara, without giving him a chance. I am waiting for that to happen. Ippo vara eppadi irukkinga noppadi irukkinganu nalam visarichikittu. Pooja and Gautham scene nail cutting scene was awesome.. Must say a BIG thank you to madam Rathika.

Kathir being remorsed, Its unfair to keep attacking him Small question to thenu, you said kadhir did the same thing which is true. Who gave her the rights?? After long time I enjoyed the vena music Where is the iron lady Vani gone to. I told Poo should leave karthi’s house to make him realize his mistake and the exact thing happened today. Going behind someone isn’t gonna work.

Nice to see children being smart and resposible. At last we are able to watch this serial without feeling sick in our stomach. Loved the way she snapped at Kathir and quickly apologised. Good move by Poongodi, eventually Karthik will miss being near her and will come to her, but not sure within two days as she said, which made me think whether she and thatha planned something.

Indha pisaasuku edhavadhu kaariyam aaganumna mattum annan nonnanu koopiduva illaati vada poda nu va. Poo is the worst person ever she stopped liking sara in a snap she’s such a two face that does not know how to respect true love.

Somehow she loves that little one very much I think. I was thinking the same thing. Saniyan Thenu endha mogarakattaiya vechikittu Pooja veetuku vandha??

Vaani Rani – Episode , 26/11/

It looks like thatha and poo planned something to get karthik to accept her. Kutty Pisasu Thenu should have met Vaani and not Gautham, she went all the way to ruin his happiness Yup I like that too Desi.


Pek pundeh aporam ena maireku pongodi yai married paneh na suni From what thenu said to pooja in hospital to the fact that she andi vaikuradhu to vani about g having feelings for pooja! Tomorrow episode Samy and saravanan will go and give the money Molaichu moonu ela vidala adhukula periya evalattam vanthutta. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Rani gives good advise about how much money is needed in life to live happily. I expected Thenu to ask Sorry to Pooja.

Smart move of Poo to leave her husband just to rectify it from distance. Good that there’s no Angayarkanni and Dimple scheming 2 episodes in a row. But she could have been more softer and milder while talking to P and Kathir.

She is smart too. In the past, we have seen him being affectionate to his siblings, and today he was SO loving to Pooja. Thenu asking kathir ” about the poisoning”. School ponoma padichoma vanthomanu illaama eva yean periyavanga vishayathula thalai idura??

Vaani Rani – Episode 1056 – 13/09/2016

I hope new director will sort out this mess and bring back the sisters bonding even if they don’t talk to each other. Now the fool Gautham will go and confront Surya, that bitch Dimple will be there to stir further Gautham will say something to shut her mouth then she will tell this to Angayarkanni and they will scheme to get rid of him forever from Vaani.

It’s getting more interesting! She episoed a sweet little kid.

Vaani Rani – Episode 499, 12/11/14

Keep it that way. Aha what I thought happened. Y cnt he b der wen old lady n wife yacking???? It does not makrs sense if Karthik calls her back after showing so much of hatred. Where is the iron lady Vani gone to.


Bani much of money will either control you and will become its slave and will lose peace of mind. Must say a BIG thank you to madam Rathika.

Nevertheless disgusted at the scene where Pooja was clipping her toe nails, not only in the leaving area but with her foot on the coffee table. Put them in their place.

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Also love the way Pooja affectionately welcomes Thenu lik a sweet anni, At least Thenu respects Gowtham enough to call radaab anna even if she calls Surya and Saravanan by name. Loved how Pooja welcomed Thenu so affectionately. Viewers yemathi stupid ah akunadhukudhan vani rani ippedi fall agudhu. Not even a sorry for her rude demeanor the other day. Good that poogudi go there cause she can handle this anaconda and her mother.

Hopefully, in future we will forget there was a time when Vani and Rani broke up their bond. Thenu well done, gautham now go scold surya since the hotel is gone make Vani know this!!!!!!!!!

Boomi and Samy should take over and run the compsny. Happy that VR is slowly getting back to its track Rani is an idiot. So glad that Thenu told them. Shows VR fans think similarly.

Much better if Anaconda being chased by a crazy dog around the town.