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Francia, Germania Ovest, Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Subsequently, he falls in love with a fellow murderer Gil. His morality is tested when he unknowingly falls in love with a brothel worker, Lola, the paid mistress of a corrupt property developer. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: They abruptly decide to marry, appalling everyone around them.

Available in Prime Tom Atkins Blues. His morality is tested when he unknowingly falls in love with a brothel worker, Lola, the paid mistress of a corrupt property developer. Dieter Schidor , Sam Waynberg. A Song of Love Jean Genet , Though its breath seems restricted to the air of his work and life, its lungs are vast and loving and revelling at the end of a nightmare. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment.

Trama Although the sailor Querelle Brad Davis is strong, he is also an outcast. Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher Martha Graham offers insight into her theories about dance while the members of her world famous troupe display a number of their dance techniques in performance.

Querelle de Brest (film) – Wikipedia

Here, choice of sexuality is symbolic for how one stands in opposition to social rules and true fulfilment and depth of being comes only in humility and, ultimately, humiliation. Jean Moreau is slightly miscast and perhaps is too good an actress, in finding it difficult to hide the expressiveness cojpleto her face that is demanded by the ubiquity of both the role and her fellow actors.

Somewhat surreal with it’s clearly artificial setting, a faux sound stage Brest, strange lighting and eroticised sailors, policemen, and criminals all looking like they’ve stepped out of a Tom of Finland drawing. The only thing that stops me from loving it is the inauthenticity of the dialogue and the lackluster lead performance.


He gives Gil a gun and asks him to rob Seblon. He watches Querelle enter into an agreement with Vic Rivette [Dieter Schidor], a fellow sailor, regarding the illegal transfer of opium to Beirut. Fassbinder’s final work, one is compelled to ignore one’s comp,eto poor response and dig for signs of the vision seen elsewhere in his cannon. Following and argument, in which complteo stabs and kills a drug-smuggling partner, he seeks shelter in a nearby brothel.

Available in Prime Urbania. The Twilight of Bodies: Venice Film Festival Blu-ray Special Features and Extras: There are no dropouts or audio distortions to report in this review either. It will take you into a surreal world of passion and sexuality, further than most would dare to go.

The Marriage of Maria Braun Edmund White comments that the result is a film in which, “Everything is bathed in an artificial light and the querellee elements are all symbolic.

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To be perfectly clear, different filters and colour enhancements have been used to achieve a certain ‘dreamy’ look. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Use the HTML below. Of course, much of this overtly gay posturing can be seen simply as high camp and add an undeniable veneer of silliness which iflm, quite frankly, hard to shake off.

A young West German working-class man wins the lottery and initiates a relationship with a man above his social standing.


Querelle de Brest (film)

Frau Kusters is preparing dinner late one seemingly ordinary afternoon in her seemingly ordinary kitchen in Frankfurt, Germany. Dieter SchidorSam Waynberg. Learn more about Blu-ray region specifications. In this world of almost exclusive homosexual desire, women are severely marginalised which leaves the great Jeanne Moreau with little to do other than warble a rather ridiculous and ridiculously querrlle pop ditty that uses Oscar Wilde’s ‘Ballad of Reading Gaol’ for lyrics.

In cartellone Film a noleggio Feed Notebook. Showing of 19 reviews. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon Video Limited. And the death of this friend would sanctify his crime.

Querelle de Brest

xe The Marriage of Maria Braun. However, the film received mixed reviews; critics who praised it called it a “noble experiment,” while detractors called it incoherent and disjointed. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. Peer Raben Video Resolution: RWF’s hilarious, anachronistic, operatic, lurid, technicolour, phallus-filled, sound stage adaptation – more like amplification – of Genet’s Querelle.

Some extremely light corrections have been applied, but the film has a moderately stable organic look.