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Twitter Updates RT dmtroll: Queen Inhyun questioned how can one talk about deposing the Queen which he replied that it is not my wish but the King’s and the people’s wish. You are commenting using your WordPress. He urges her to make haste—they must move her to the palace immediately, show the letter to the king, and unseat the queen. On his side, a style ticker zooms through the years, hurtling toward the future and toward, we presume, the heroine. It happens often to actors. The horse clomps onto modern pavement just as the heroine drives by, their clocks converging as they pull up alongside each other.

I really find it a pity when good dramas fly under the radar and don’t get the recognition they deserve.. Hee-Jin starts to cry earnestly and wants everyone to just leave her alone. The director informed her that she got the role of Queen Inhyun andn she is grateful. She just tells her that it is okay for Hee-Jin to rest. You spent all day with him yesterday. It happens often to actors. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She turns around in anticipation and is disappointed to see it is a stranger just asking if she is the actress Choi Hee Jin.

This is already my second hospitalization. Episode 6 by Helcat. That would be cool if it was a real successful fusion-sageuk. While typing out so much dialogue, I see how well this drama is written. Definitely has me epsode Three dramas with tight scenarios and the best cast are competing against each other and it’s going to be intense.

Red drives his sword down, just as Boong-do blocks the thrust with a stack of books. Love Ji Hyun-woo, don’t episodf for most of his dramas.

Time is running at a tremoudous speed while showing the man on horseback was being chased while time is slowly ticking for the lady who is now driving. I am well and alive so stop worrying, I’m not going anywhere” clearing away doubts about his disappearance, He walks out and is shocked to see episodee is in front of his eyes.


His attackers watch from the shadows, biding their time for an opening while Boong-do is allowed entry, though he has to give up his sword in exchange.

Boong-Do calls Han-Dong over and tells him that he needs to find the amulet. Read and leave epjsode Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam.

She knew that intruders are here to kill her and therefore continues with her letter in tears. I find this very similar It helped me stall for time so I could watch roof top! The first step is to be a member, please click here: Notify me of new comments via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. She hangs up on him mid-smirk.

Fingers crossed it follows through.

I remember queenn line we spoke. She is immediately energised. He urges her to make haste—they must move her to the palace immediately, show the letter to the king, and unseat the queen.

Read and leave comments. He sent a letter to Jeju so if they find it, they will let him know.

Dramas-Subeng: Queen In Hyun’s Man

The assassin musters his strength for the mortal blow…. The story is all over the place most of the characters are inconsistent and even Yoo Ah In admits that his character is not well written.

So your boyfriend is graduate student, Kim Boooong Do. They are so real that I can pin them to an exact date. Boong-Do asks if he hurt her pride. I really like the fact that they didn’t make Yoo In Na the real queen and then just make her the incarnation in the new days. Wueen you are concentrating on a role, characters from the Joseon era can feel more real that people from contemporary time. He is asked to sit in for the audition and that is when Queeen is told that Dongmin will be quedn the role of King Sejong in the drama.


Hee-Jin is concerned about having to rest a couple of days because she has to film the next day queeb the nurse tells her that she needs to rest. Her manager realises that she has worn her watch which is fast. It is about a woman who experiences goodbye and a man who watches her.

Recap: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 9

I knew she liked him in the past but the scene confirms to what degree. I will say that I find the sageuk characters more compelling, right off the bat.

Do not ever think I have seen this type of call played out before, a hoot! Currently in the lead, “Goodbye Mr. She was rushing down the stairs and her shoe broke.

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How worried everyone is. So we may end up taking a different tack with this show, possibly recapping as a once-a-week deal, delivered on a fixed schedule. Haejin’s turn for the audition, while she was epiode the director’s question, Dongmin enters with the CEO.

How could a dream feel so real? I am so happy you are recapping this! The man on horseback jumps over a wall and is tranported to Yearwhere he meets the lady. Soo-Kyung tries to calm Hee-Jin.