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Asad says busy but Dilshad says nothing more imp that wedding! I have to reach the court by P sorry akanksha…do u have a pet name or something cuz my real name is rebecca and everyone calls me becky very lovingly.. Zoya cannot believe he left her here. Zoya is in tears watching them.. Zoya watches from afar..

Rasheed wont survive the torture..! He shares the details with Badi Bee! Asad says that it was just for her, but they all get together and tease him, on his singing and dancing abilities. Asad sees the clock and its 9: Ayan asks the matter? As asad goes unconscious and falls on the ground, tanveer asks razia to help her.

You have tried this before and failed, right? He asks if they will get a taxi?

Jodha Akbar 30 September Written Update Desitvbox Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Nikhat tells him not to worry n that they are near by! Tanvi says that what if Rasheed is innocent? Asad tells Dilshad that Doc had come and asked if she is taking meds regularly? Nazma too meets her half sisters, and dilshad and rashid too are awkwardly being with each other.

Jodha Akbar 30 September Written Update Desitvbox

But it does stop after some time, and asad is confused how can the filled up tank finish up. Najma complaints about old designs! Pretty soon, zoya starts smiling for no reason, that even she isnt able to fathom. Zoya says, I understand. While she doesnt find the towel, she is shocked when she finds herself drenched in a bucket full of water, thrown on her by asad.


Zoya asks for what. Asad says, have you gone crazy?

Asad telsl Zoya that he dinno she was on that bus too n he saw the ipad n was scared for her.! Asad asks him to leave. Zoya forwards her hands seeing him running, but Asad passes by and goes to someone else.

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She asks Asad that he will understand. As dilshad sees rashid coming from the other side, she is shocked. She asks if he has ever gone to a holi party. Abha March 28, He tells Asad that wriitten doesnt wanna talk to him anymore.!

Imran asks to call up his aunt.! Ayan says that both of them, have the same blood running in their veins. Zoya gets idea n asks Dilshad that Tanvir should be there too!

Zoya enters Tanvirs episoee

While zoya is in splits of laughter, asad looks smilingly at her, and says that she should always keep smiling, and he can see her dimples all the time, and thats what he wants. Humaira tells about the marathon hunt against anaemia for girls. She tells Asad that she needs to talk to him…! She asks her, are you shocked because seeing me walking maarch knowing that someone can think like you too?


Badi bi starts screaming and when the family members come in, she tells shirin that razia is falsely accusing her of killing, when the doctor even told her that she is unable to walk. He says that he came out for freah air, and saw the car bonnet open and was trying to close it, while badi bi is stuffed inside it.

Nikhat tries to get up. Zoya says, I am waitin for the bus.

As she leaves, nikhat is tensed. Zoya is near to tears, waiting for him. Razia asks her to shut up, and get to work. Ranjita 8th Mar – Just ur writting wrongly my name…its akanksha………. She says that she wouldnt be able to come down from heaven if this continues. Scene 1 jalal is angry and says not a single word for my people, i will cut your tongue, he picks up his sword, jodha shouts no, jalal stops and looks at her.