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Zoya begins with her evening prayers. Najma says it matches with my outfit! She thanks the lord, that zoya is to be away from the house, after seven days only. Dilshad retrates her hand, as shirin reaches out to him and caresses him. Najma says ingredients to make tea n stuff..! Zoya comes upto her an holds her hand and asks for forgivenss,she shrugs off her hand and tells her to stay away from her. Razia tells him not to worry and that she would talk to shirin and him.

Welcome, Login to your account. She closes her eyes and starts her prayers. As she begins to go, ayan assures her that nikhat would be married in a week, and she would be free too. Dilshad enters and eyes her room, and sits resignedly. Ayan asks her if she really wants to stay with a man, who cant change his descision for her. Dilshad asks if asad came back. Razia says that she told only what her friend told her so. She sternly reminds them to come.

Dilshad retrates her hand, as shirin reaches out to him and caresses him. She implicates that the way they are behaving about this proposal,nikhat too impends a similar future if they dont get serious. Aeptember says the daughter in law of this house cannot wear such clothes! Rashid too comes out and calls for her.

They smile at each other. Shireen asks her to smile.! The duo rush to the room! Throwing off the table in anger, he asks her to leave the house and his sight rightaway. Shireen asks Nuzhat to get Nikhat ready.! Ayan tells rashid, that he feels ashamed and disgusted to be his son, and that he cant believe he spent so many years, with such a low level man.


Unable to take it any longer he leaves,leaving her crying.

Zoya excuses herself to go for breaking her fast. Sign in Recover your password. Dilshad says fine then have your tea and coffee and Zoya speaks out aloud that everyone knows me so well here and Rasheed watches.! A sad atmosphere engulfs everybody. Gaffur says appreciate that she has made a huge sacrifice by signing the nikah nama but.!

She makes her ddsitvbox that its not new york and people misbehave. Rasheed says thanks for saving my daughters life!

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Razia says am there. She asks ayan where is he going. Razia thinks he is talking about the musical doll.! Najma says will return the other stuff safely.! Meanwhile outside,in a scuffle to take him off his bike,ayan falls on the floor and rashid too gets bruises. But when he doesnt pay attention,she starts with her non sensical talk yet again that he needs energy to open the door if it gets jammed therefore he needs the juice,trying to open the door but unsuccessful she presumes that the door is indeed jammed and tells ayan not to worry that she would soon get his dad to opn the door for him.

She says that zoya has a tough life, as she remembers all her murder attempts, and says that today she wont be able to save herself. She walks otu trying to trace the caller, and finds a hooded fellow behind the wall, while she pursues conversation with the lady. His shoulder starts aching, remembering his scuffle with vikram. She says came for making tea! Najma says ur most weird.!

As zoya is busy in her namaaz, tanveer tells her that its no use praying now, as she would finish her and her story for sure today, all the while spilling petrol around her. Welcome, Login to your account.


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She says all the exams that God wrote in her destiny are cleared. She asks if she needs anything.

She tells him to take care of his wounda as they are still fresh,he replies that its the reason that his wounds are still fresh after 17 years. She says if Nikhat cries so much now what will she do at the time of wedding?

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As Rashid gets a heart attack, while shirin and dilshad confront each other at the door, razia cals out to shirin. Ayan clenches his fist in anger somehow controlling it.

But knowing right is not always the right way to express it.

She reminds him that he has to give gifts along with his wife, only then would they accept it. He says that rashid just klnows to use people, which he can see through, but she cant. He tells them that he didnt get married and asks them to get back to work.

She says writyen feel the courage to face them after all this! Najma is about to prepare tea and finds that every utensil is empty in the kitchen and all cupboards are locked…!