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All are speechless, but razia compliments her efforts, but says that the roots of the animosity are too deep, and hence it cant be broken at once. Nikhat says that rashid would be late. He says that he has got a very beautiful nightdress. Last updated Sep 13, He gets tensed, and when humaira asks what happened, he expresses his doubt about the car thats following. The next morning, while a person is doing the preparations in the house, asad and zoya get into a fight on the plkacement of the artifacts.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Zoya hopes so too. He says that there was one, but he cant fulfill it. Humaira asks whats the matter. Haseena says that he would come soon too, as he got a final late work. Rashid is talking about badi bi and her disappearance, to the inspector, razia comes down and is surprised.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Rashid is shocked to see nazma at their door, and all others are startled too.

Asad thinks that everything is right, and he wishes he had told her that he loves her MITWA MOMENT Zoya wonders if he loves her, and if he does, then why didnt he say, and even if he didnt say, then why does she feel the need, that he doesnt have to say, as she knows that if he sees her once, she starts smiling, and wonders if she loves him.

Razia agrees, but again says that if they had to invite then some elderly person should have come, and dilshad shouldnt have sent nazma, instead of herself, and maybe this is a trap. He asks where has she seen them. He only thought of love as a word earlier, and has now relaised its importance. Humaira points out to something on the floor, looking surprised while razia is shocked.


She throws off the papers in the air, and is about to leave, when tanveer stops her. She wonders what can she do to make that happen. He thinks that today when he holds her hand, he wont ever let go. Just then, ayan is shocked as the same car that was following themovertakes them, and fake vikram is revealed, sitting isnide it. Posted by Mohammed Akram at Nazma sees dilshad, lamenting that even though their daughter is getting married, rashid wont be there to see it.

Page 1 of 1. Posted by Rahul Jain at Ayan asks her not to talk rubbish.

Humaira dismisses his doubts. Tanveer comes in clapping, wearing the dress of a doctor.

They tease her that she can go to Paris on her honeymoon, and ask her to want something else. They both think that nazmja has grown so much in such a less span of time.

She is very happy that her septembre is finally in her destiny. Zoya eyes a knife kept on the bedside tray. Rashid says that they would have to start someday, and journey begins with one small step.

She is shcoked when tanveer reveals her face from underneath. Haseena says that he would come soon too, as he got a final late work.

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Welcome, Login to your account. On the road The fake vikram starts taunting humaira, addressing her as Rajni ji. She says that has planned all this to kill her. Tanveer smirks at her and says that her death would pave the way for her. She ecitedly sends her off, while Razia keeps wailing, as the van takes off. Asad uai says that now, finally he has come to see her true self after such a long time. He tells tanveer that he would meet her in a little while at a 22013 Navjeevan hospital.


Tanveer says that he would do that, and she doesnt know whats rejection, and she would be at peace only when she gets him. She opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace, contaning both their pics in a heart shaped locket. Qubol says thta she came here for the invitation and to make him see Farhan.

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He blesses her to be happy, and leaves. She excitedly asks whats he got. She says that eveery rule has a loophole. She takes a blindfolded ayan to her room, where he is getting impatient.

Nazma tries to stop, but they aggravate all the more, and nazma goes to call dilshad to put an end to it. She asks her to observe her destiny that even if she couldnt marry, she would atleast die as a bride.