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Swamiji proves in the court by dialling K. Part 2 Ep Nov 10, Part 1 Ep Dec 14, Pathak prove his client innocent? Pathak drinks poison in the court to prove his facts and feels uncomfortable. Pathak succeed in proving his client innocent? Khawab Main Hatiya 5 years ago. Shikha Singh had warned Ratna in the Press Conference.

Riya’s condition is critical. To know Judge’s final verdict, watch this thrilling episode of Adaalat. Part 2 Ep May 24, Utkarsh shares half of the vanity with the lead Actress Kajal. Pathak succeed in proving Aatmaram innocent? Watch as KD solves this convoluted mystery. Pathak succeed in saving Sarju Rao?

Ek Khoon Char Aaropi 4 years ago. Will Jin reveal the truth in the court? What will the consequences be? To know more about the case, watch this thrilling episode of Adaalat. Reena reveals to K. Will Gulnaaz and K. Jadui Shakti Ka Rahasiya: Nu,ber reveals to K. Pathak that he saw Jin pushing Saaqib from the terrace. Shravan and Varun are on their way in search of Tape Watch as KD Pathak gets to the bottom of this conspiracy.

Neither is a weapon.

Why was she so terrified of the ‘red dog’? Chillar Bhai reveals in the court that K. Jaal Tantra Mantra Ka 4 years ago. One night, some people in the auggust the car zugust driven very rashly, but later they realize that there was no driver in the car.


Pragya Kothari gets arrested for murdering her Husband Ashutosh Kothari. Will Madhura be proven guilty or innocent in the court? How will KD solve this case. Pathak about the case.

Part 1 of 2 Ep Dec 13, To know Judges final verdict in regards to Madhura’s case, keep watching Adaalat. Pathak prove Vicky innocent? Shikha Singh had warned Ratna in the Press Conference. Swami Ji Ka Qatil 4 years ago. Varun reveals to Inspector that Sourabh is not the one who murdered Rupal.

D in Dock 5 years ago.

Aamhi Saare Khavayye – Episode Number 1375 – 2nd August 2012 Clip 13

Pathak prove him innocent? He instructs his driver to pass through the ‘Junjura’ jungle so he can reach faster. One of the police officer gets a high voltage electric shock in the jail.

Sharpit Tapoo – Part 2 Ep Jun 23, Pathak solve the mysterious case of CD? Pathak in the court. Riya’s condition is critical. Part-2 Ep May 5, Who killed Jagat Ram? When the boutique owner arrives at the scene, she witnesses the mannequin killing the lady. A businessman buys a vintage car.

Chahat Episode 98 – 21 August – Ptv Home | HaydiSeyret

Part 1 of 2 Ep Jan 10, Pathak’s assistant Varun goes missing. Gawah Ya Khooni 4 years ago.

Suddenly, the two are surrounded by a dense fog, and one brother sees the other being attacked by a monster through the fog. Part 1 Ep May 3, Pathak’s next plan to save Sushant? Khoonkhar Parindey Part 02 5 years ago.


The mall staff are aware that they shouldnt be lurking around the halls of th venue uagust dark The night security guard finds a ghastly apparition, floating through the mall galleries, and then witnesses the ghost murdering the owner. Who is the murderer? KD takes up the case, but there are clear evidences that the husband is the one to blame.

Pathak lands in deep trouble as an numbed Man tries to attack him. The strange case of Bird Sultan continues and one of the assistants of Lawyer K.

Chahat Episode 95 – 13 August – Ptv Home | HaydiSeyret

Gaurav and Ranjan both wanted to get selected by selectors to play in International Cricket. Pathak questions the prime witness Manisha in the court who visited the mall. While she is waiting for her, the lights suddenly start to flicker and one of the mannequins start to walk towards her. Pathak decides to fight the case on behalf of Vicky. His brother later brings him home, in the hope that his condition has improved. Andy reveals a shocking truth in the court.