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Tiga Serumah Season 1 I think I am quite a strong person, I am someone who will usually find a way out of any situation quickly, and try to understand the issue on a deeper level. So, wherever I am all over the world, I have to come home. Crazy Rich Asians as Nick Young Sayang Anakku Sayang He is deeply love with Fan Yun Xi and cares for her deeply; whenever Yun Xi is upset, he always makes her smile her by giving her a piece of her favorite candy. Sleepwalker as Cheng Chi-yee

She took up the offer and had a supporting role in the TV drama Idola. Code of Law Season 2 as Rachel Sung When probed on whether working with babies in Dance Dance Dragon increased his desire to have a one of his own, the bachelor eagerly agreed. She is the spokesperson for Longines, an international watch brand, alongside Malaysian theatre personality Paula Malai Ali. Showdown The Movie Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Malaysia.

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Then he becomes Shan Jun Hao again. Code of Law Season 2 as Rachel Sung Sleepwalker as Episodde Chi-yee In JuneNora revealed a few sneak previews on her official Instagram account about her film “Pengantin Malam” co-starring Farid Kamil.

Dapur Selebriti Knorr as Herself You are right about the rapid rythmn of HK life.

Adi appreciates nasyid music and dramas with spiritual messages, while Aziz loves science fiction films and comedies, and listens to Asli music, contemporary ballads and golden oldies. It was also then that Izara Aishah realised she was not ready for the downside of fame.


I know the director quite well, and I know that he is a hard worker who spends a lot of time in a film.

Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang Kisah Maisara — Ellyna Ali 1 November So I was happy to have a chance to work with someone who has the same way of working as me, because spending more time to do something is always appreciated, it means a harder effort, or a better understanding; it really helps the acting. Gerak Khas Season 16 The Hush as Valerie Teo The HK movie industry is well known for its very fast production speed, but Lo Chi Leung seems to take his time to prepare a film.

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Retrieved eisode December Fan Yun Xi is his childhood friend who came to live with them after she was abandoned by her mother as a child. This film is quite original, it talks about human feelings and emotions, and actions are only a part of it. But I refused to be a part of it because doing a pageant was the last thing on my mind!

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Poyo as Norma But instead of moping around doing nothing, she focused on obtaining a diploma puteraa Performing Arts at a private university in Selangor. The show follows Diana as she travels across Malaysia with guests from India and China.

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Hantu Bungkus Ikat Tepi as Mimie In May, Izara Aishah had a rare misstep when a video of her wearing a sexy dress at a private event leaked, causing an online furore.


Whatever I was asked to do, I just did the bare minimum. The Sunshine Cops as Katy Lam These are the reasons why Iparticipated in the movie. So I think as an actress, every different role represents an opportunity katsk learn. But Dang Ou doesn’t give up and searches for Tian Yu. Nadine Alexandra, currently a student at Bath University in Putega, in an interview with reporters said the next step for her after winning the title is to represent Indonesia in the Miss Universe pageant.

Sayang You Can Dance as Angel The actress, who constantly strives to stay in control of her narrative, is OK when unsavoury stories end up getting reported. Imagine, your enemy, the person you hate the most in the world, well, a part of his body would be transplanted in your body…forever.

Nadine Alexandra, who is also the brand ambassador of Mustika Ratu, revealed on stage the latest colour trend for called Tams Swarnanindya’, golden-orange colour cosmetics products consisting of lipstick, lip shine, blush and eye shadow.