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Gayathri’s college friends come to meet Gayathri and they ask for Aarthi. Watch ahead to know what happens next. Parimala faints remembering Vedika. Arti is horrified that her worst fears have come true. Yash jerks her away. Whatch ahead to know what happens next? After that she starts from Surya’s house.

Arti tells yash that they should reveal the truth about ishita to the family, before she does any other evil thing, and that they should get to ayu, before she harms him anymore. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 24, Later Vedika comes to know that her mother has been discharged from the hospital. In court Surya meets Vedika and talks to her. Later, Arti gets emotional and shows compassion to Arun, as he sheds fake tears by talking about his sister. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 26, Arti says that she has found a solid proof against her, which she wont be able to defy. Arti, being ignorant to Arjun’s intentions, promises Arjun saying that she would assist him to get married to the girl, whom he likes.

Surya and his family members get tense because of Aarya’s kidnapping. Gayatri’s family apologizes to Gayatri, as she criticizes them, after seeing the beer bottles in her home. Vedika apologizes for her mistake in front of all family members. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 10, Parimala waits for Vedika at home. Later, Arti and Rukku feel confused to see the mangalsutra disappear, which they had kept in their shrine.

Punar Vivaha

Ishita gets irritated vivaj starts to convince him to rethink his stance and give her a chance on love. Vedika asks her husband’s permission to go to see her mother. Will Surya come back home? Aarthi’s mother asks Aarthi to come with her to temple but she denies. What will happen in Aarthi’s life? Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 02, Parimala faints remembering Vedika. Aarthi remembers Surya’s previous comments and explains her feelings to her mother. Aarthi goes to temple with her mother, there a lady insults Aarthi and her mother.


Further, Arjun gets shocked, as Vivvah begins to criticize him for having contacts with Vedika, and feels surprised, when Raki promises him of supporting for the same.

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She says that her love for him has driven her to epjsode this. In court Surya meets Vedika and talks to her. Arti flees, as she feels upset listening to Parimala. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 23, Surya goes to a temple with her daughter Saakshi.

Seeing this Aarthi starts to cry. Later, Gayatri requests Surya to stop Raki from leaving eepisode. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Surya and his wife argue for their child and Surya takes the child from Aarti’s hand, but Surya’s mother gives order to him to return the child to Aarti.

Vedika calls Aarthi and tells about her situation, Aarthi suggests Vedika to go and see her mother Parimala. At home everyone shouts at Surya’s wife saying that she has ruined Vedika’s life.

At that time Police reaches at Surya’s house to fulll him. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Vidhi comes and misinterprets the situation, and reprimands the dancer. Watch ahead to know what happens next. Ishita tells arti that she has already lost enough, and now even if she has to face the guillotine for killing her, she is ready to accept that. Overview Punar Vivaha is a Kannada romantic drama television series. Surya calls police and the police start investigation.

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Romain reigns Public Figure. Arti calls out for ishita and runs after her. Surya receives the kidnapper’s call and they ask for money. Arti goes on to throw water on yash, to jerk him into consciousness. Vidhi says that she knows.


Vedika requests Santosh to take his complaint back. Ishita tells her that she would never get ayu, nor even be happy wityh any relation of hers. Vidhi identifies it to be the same as the one that pari and prateik got their son from. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 13, Surya’s mother hires a girl named Arpita to take care of Surya’s daughter. Yash continues asking for arti.

Surya wins the wrestling match in wqtch own village but his wife Aarti was very much scared during the wrestling. Ravi and his wife talk to Ravi’s mother about Vedika’s reception. Punar Vivaha – Episodes Watch ahead to know what happens in the next episode.

Arti tells yash that they should reveal the truth about ishita to the family, before she does fuull other evil thing, and that they should get to ayu, before she harms him anymore. On the way she gets injured because of an accident, at that time her friend take her to the same hospital where her mother is.

Surya goes to Aarthi’s house and requests her to come back home but Aarthi’s mother keeps a condition and episoode them to make a separate house which Surya denies. He gets up in a dizzy state, and goes to the bathroom. Who is behind Aarya’s kidnapping?