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Vedika tells her situation to her father and tells that she will come to the hospital with her husband otherwise her husband will get angry. Ravi requests Santosh to send Vedika to his house. A lady from Surya family proves that Surya’s wife had the information of Vekia’s marriage and love with Santosha. More Videos of Punar Vivaha. Ravi defends Surya in Court as his lawyer. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 26, Punar Vivaha Season 1. At that time Aarthi’s mother calls to Surya’s house and tells that her grandson should reach back to her house as soon as possible otherwise she will file a police complaint.

Raki, as Gayatri criticizes her for hanging out with Arun, begins to criticize her in return. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 20, Raaki doubts Arpitha and says it to Surya. Later, Gayatri requests Surya to stop Raki from leaving home. Surya’s mother convinces Surya to bring Aarthi back home. Watch ahead to know what happens in next episode? What will happen in Aarthi’s life?

Punar Vivaha – Episode 468 – January 16, 2015 – Episode Recap

Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 06, Surya receives the kidnapper’s call and they ask for money. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 03, Parimala waits for Vedika at home.

Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 26, Meanwhile, Aarthi decides to shift to ashram with her kids, but her mother opposes. After that she starts from Surya’s house.


Now what will happen with Pubar What will be Aarthi’s future now? Parimala’s husband informs Parimala about Vedika after which Parimala feels happy.

What will be Santosh’s next plan? Later, Raki feels little shocked, to see Arjun having secret contacts with Vedika. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 02, Surya also blames her wife Aarti and he asks question to her mother regarding the remarriage?

Punar Vivaha – Punqr – June 11, Who is behind Aarya’s kidnapping?

Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 20, Surya’s family member get information about Vedika and then Surya’s uncle starts to search for Vedika and finally meets her. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 23, Their families want them to marry each other but they are apprehensive. Aarthi’s son Aadi gets disturbed in school because of Surya’s behaviour. Will Vedika meet her mother?

Punar Episoce – Episode – June 19, Arti, being ignorant to Arjun’s intentions, promises Arjun saying that she would assist vivag to get married to the girl, whom he likes. Surya wants to talk to that boy at home but he does not come to Surya’s home.

Surya and Arti go in a romantic mood, to remember epidode past days, which they had spent on the same spot. Surya’s mother tells him to send his daughter to the boarding school but he doesn’t agree for that. On the way she gets injured because of an accident, at that time her friend take her to the same hospital where her mother is.


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While Aarti is a divorcee, Surya is a widower. Surya goes to a temple with her daughter Saakshi.

Aarti’s mother consoles her and assures to make Arti’s life better. Ravi and his wife talk to Ravi’s mother about Vedika’s reception. Surya and his family members get tense because of Aarya’s kidnapping.

Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 27, Later, Arti gets emotional and shows compassion to Arun, as he sheds fake tears by talking about his sister. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 28, Surya takes Rakhi with him and comes to his home.

Watch ahead to know what happens next? Watch ahead to know what happens in the next episode. Meanwhile, Arjun starts to harass Vedika by asking the reason for her injury. Vedika’s grandmother informs Vedika that she will arrange a grand reception for her.

Further, Raki, after Parimala convinces her against her decision, changes her decision.

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