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Save them, Aarti, you are their only hope! Friday, 25 May Punar Vivah 25th May I wonder what yash was going to ask when he said “to phir kyun.. Posted by punar vivah at 8: Punar Vivaah episode 16th July Punar Vivah 25th May

Punar Vivah 20th June Started off really good, with the song! Go Aarti you really roks Fight 4 yor Right Yeh mera har bhahu ko ashriwat hai. Now it is revealed that yash ki kushi palak ki kushi mein nahin hai and poor Arti thought that yash will be happy if his daughters are happy. Trapped together, they both figured they would have it out and I love how Yash rants at her for chasing after the thief. Punar Vivah episodul 52 subtitrat in romana. But physical relations should be with lot of love otherwise one sided physical relation is a rape! Punar vivah episodul 49 subtitrat in romana.

Punar Vivaah episod 89 – 20th June But when arti came in her mother’s dress its only Yash who felt it was Arpitha but Palak knew it was Arti and still she cut the cake which means she accepted Arti as her mother. Punar Vivaah episod 87 – 18th June Yash forgets it altogether which means that in his habit of getting lost in the past and the future he forgets the present, and Aarti loses it in the heat of an impassioned moment.

Watch Punar Vivaah 24th May online for free. Aarti finally got off her chest what she had been holding onto since she heard that fateful gunshot. Omg Yash wacth really angry but still look so hot!

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Punar Vivaah episod 95 – 28th June Video. Yash and Aarti [ArYa] -room scene. Punar Vivah episodul 44 subtitrat in romana. Punar Vivah episodul 40 subtitrat in romana.


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I could not understand,can you pls kindly write in English pls? Gayatri asks what kind of drama is it, Arti very sternly replies that she was trying to be the daughter in law which they wants. Yash understands it and exchanges their place. And got I loved the jovial police officer whose lines had such meaning.

Posted by punar vivah at 2: Even Aarti also do not want to take place of Arpita. So sweet how aarthi handle that robber and venting her husband for stealing wallet. She was doing so much hard work to make happy Yash’s Onine The way Yash insulated to Aarti it was not good, he did not think that what the other relative will be says.

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Anonymous 21 June at Yogu Foku 25 May at Punar Vivaah – 17th May And in true Aarti style, she is about to blurt everything out to him until wattch is interrupted. How will he feel about his parents and bua? Posted by punar vivah at 9: I love the sense of apnapan that we saw with AarYa today.

Gaya3 asks the divorce paper. Knline, 20 June Punar Vivah 20th June Gayatri tells Shobha that my son is not running after that Aarti ,… and there Yash is indeed running after Aarti who is ruinning after the chor to save her Pati ka wallet …I guess this is first onlinee a lead hero is enjoying seeing his heroine fighting against the Chor for him.

What a Hilarious contrast of words and scenes thus proving the eternal bonding of AarYa.

Punar Vivah Episode starts with yash is traffic and aartis pallu gets stuck in his car and both dnt know yash then takes out her pallu and bg ek dusre ke vaste is played then. Punar Vivaah [Episode 97] – 2nd July What a scene that would be! I love this change that Yash has brought about in Aarti. She also understands that Yash too is against the divorce. I am speechless because Aarti Scindia has said it all!


Make it like romance storybooks. But then I think Shobha liked the change. Punar Vivaah [Episode 84] – 13th June Friday, 25 May Punar Vivah 25th May I thought it was also deeply symbolic the way they showed why each Yash and Aarti did not have their phones, which I suppose here symbolises their connection to the present moment. Punar Vivaah episode 20 – 16th March part2. Posted by punar vivah at 3: Arti then tells juyl she would get something to drink and asks them to have apple till then.

Jul 19, Punar Vivah Ep. Go Aarti you really roks Fight 4 yor Right Yeh mera har bhahu ko ashriwat hai. Arti thinks she must tell everything to Yash but then drops the idea as she dont want to create distance between Yash and his papa. Yash and Arti both leaves to pick their kids from the school in an auto.

Yash leaves to take Payal and Palak. Punar Vivaah episod 10th July Please director saab make it interesting by letting yash and aarti play more roles. I’m dieing to see iuly hot romance between yash and aarti! With love from your fan in south africa.