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Chronicle of the King] Calcutta: But it is only now that scholars have started giving attention to the role of the printed word in British colonialism. Public Disputation at Fort William College. About the United States, it was stated that the radio audience would be between 1,, to 1,,, and out of this one third listened to English and about the same number to Hindustani. NWP and O The Crown Representative, D. The Urdu enthusiasts, not to be left behind, wanted Hindi to be abolished. To the question as to what was the language of films and TV plays, they generally gave the answer:

Even now, as the present author found in his visit to Mumbai in March , a number of actors and actresses hire experts in Urdu to correct their pronunciation. Compendium of the praiseworthy ones and the secrets of the exalted]. Jang, Mirza Beg Sarwar. Rafique Ahmad Warraich Cast: Report on the Administration of the N. From Hindi to Urdu. On the whole, we think Hindustani is the only Indian language which might be considered Radio.

The Devanagari script was promoted by the educational system as well, at least in part by the army, which printed manuals in it as early as inwrote the names of villages for the sake of accuracy in it and siraf it in certain domains of revenue surveying Bayly If it accepts Hindi—as the Rajputana states did—it reduces Muslim cultural ascendancy and increases the chances of employment and cultural domination of the Hindiusing middle classes.

Though the indexation of the Perso-Arabic sirxt of Urdu with Muslim identity was taken for granted, such was not the case of the Devanagari script. Thus those who celebrate the entertainment industry in South Asia: Thus, the Universal Multiplex was opened in that year in Karachi.

Second revised edition, The number of periodicals— including newspapers, weeklies, fortnightlies, etc. The most detailed bibliographical essay on wpisode printed literature of the Muslims of the Punjab in the nineteenth century is by Edward Churchill Kutab Khana Masjid Chowk.

The above study has traced out the use of Urdu in the state, i. Those with over 5, circulation were the Zamindar 12,a daily owned by a Muslims. This script was, however, associated with the Muslim identity eppisode the minds of the producers, members of the Committee as well as, one presumes, the general public.


Report on the Administration of the Punjab and its Dependencies for the Year — Urdu websites have been available for quite some time Jafrithough the official website of Pakistan is in English. In in a conference of the Sahitya Sammelan at Nagpur, M. This change is attributed, both by King and other authors who have written on the subject, to the mobilization of the Hindu and Muslim identities during this period.

They are watched in the Gulf states and even in Kabul, although the Taliban almost wiped them out. But, since these textbooks were in Hindi and Urdu—leaving out those in other languages for the time being— the consciousness of the Hindi-based Hindu and Urdu-based mostly Muslim identities grew elisode least in North India.

The report tells us what the authorities had decided to do about this state of affairs: Nor, indeed, did all of them have the same attitude towards it at any time. North-Western Provinces epissode Oudh Govt.

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There was a certain Indian language stretching all the way from Peshawar to the border of the Bengal before the Turkish invasions of the subcontinent in the eleventh century. However, printing did enter India and the rise of the printed word in Urdu, as well as in Hindi, is coterminous with the rise of the modern, colonial state in the subcontinent.

All Videos and Images on this blog are not owned by this blog and publicly available on the internet. In their view, it was the traditional method of oral transmission which kept the authority From Hindi to Urdu.

It was assumed that this was the best pronunciation and even Punjabi speakers would try to conform to it. Aliya Bukhari – Produced by: In Qasmi ; 1— And in India, similar antagonisms and anxieties still keep increasing the distance between the official registers of Urdu and Hindi. Report of the Indian Cinematograph Committee — The Social History of Language. The girls are taught home management, good manners and basic scientific facts in Urdu.

The Urdu enthusiasts, not to be left behind, wanted Hindi to be abolished. In his autobiography be defends his style at length. The main question was as to which language they wanted to hear in the programmes.


Radcliffe Science Library, Special Collections. Pul Sirat – Episode 13 Read More. Himal ii; 8 August: About the United States, it was stated that the radio audience would be between 1, to 1,, and out of this one third listened to English and about the same number to Hindustani. This was his stand even after more fpisode half a century when he was giving this interview in Arif Int. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Asim Ali Written by: Indeed, it appears that Muslims were quite enthusiastic about using the press even as readers. Literacy, therefore, values the unconventional, creative use of language and encourages abstract thought and the possibility of constantly examining, or interiorizing, abstract ideas of the self. While the Sanskritized Hindi of pkl may not be intelligible to speakers of Urdu, the popular soap operas and other TV programmes, songs and Bollywood movies—all called Hindi—are intelligible and do spread spoken Urdu or, more accurately, the From Hindi to Urdu.

We wish to reach the odd cinemas which show mainly or exclusively Indian films Films As for television, besides Pakistan TV with its three channels all functioning mostly in Urdu, licenses have been issued to eightytwo TV channels, out of which ten are not functioning and thirteen are in plu indigenous languages of the country.

Urdu was still at 47 per cent even excluding the textbooks used in schools Adm.

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Bukhari says that those who keep reiterating that he should use simple Urdu should have learnt new words. Pjl off-screen roles include duties as a brand ambassador for several products. Dates and page numbers are in the text. Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs, in order to empower themselves, used Urdu.