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Wujud-e-Zan is a story of love, betrayal, and social taboos. After 27 years of not getting enough of Tanhaiyan , a sequel named Tanhaiyan: List In order to limit the scope of the list and distinguish notable statistical indicators from trivial ones, entries in this list should contain a link to one of the following: His first book Faryad dar Khakestar Shouting in the Ash , a war stories collection, was published in This list tries to avoid using information found in Star Trek fan fiction. Member feedback about Kiosk band: The Taklamakan Desert Chinese:

List of top international rankings by country topic This list of top international rankings by country includes global-scale lists of countries with rankings this list only contains sovereign states , sorted by country that is placed top or bottom in the respective ranking. Background Hostilities existed between Afghanistan and the newly independent Pakistan since ,[2] when Afghanistan became the only country to vote against the admission of Pakistan to the United Nations. His first book Faryad dar Khakestar Shouting in the Ash , a war stories collection, was published in Trying to revive the golden time of Persian science, Iran’s scientists now are cautiously reaching out to the world. This is the story of Ahmer, who has lost his wife in an accident and is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with his daughter’s upbringing. It focuses on the impact of marital disputes on children and how the couple in question will deal with these differences. Mashal is now compelled to fight the plots and schemes being spawned against her.

Khuda ki Basti had an unconventional storyline focusing on the prevalent social issues of society, and was telecasted twice the second time in at the insistence of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto — it was his favorite play! A car bomb levelled the Arya Guesthouse, also known as the Hamid Guesthouse,[1] popular with Indian doctors.

The native people in Ramsar are Gilaks although there are also Mazandarani people living there. Member feedback about Withdrawal of U. First attack The first attack was carried out by the Taliban and was dassht Afghan soldiers.


He was born in Bombay, India and died in Lahore, Pakistan after having a long career as a composer.

Location Ramsar is the westernmost county and city in Mazandaran. Naye Silsilay was aired in Initially in after the formation of Benazir Bhutto government, the semi-private television network ‘Peoples’ Television Network’ PTN came into existence. Later, Karachi and Lahore stations started. The Taliban has strongly opposed Indian presence in Afghanistan, especially because India has extensively helped North Abid Ali actor topic Abid Ali born is a Pakistani actor, director and producer, who has acted in numerous television and film productions in Pakistan but is best known for his role as Dilawar in the PTV classic drama Waris Abdullah Abdullah Events The war in Afghanistan —present continued.

So far this series is more than about fighting mums and a ‘who-done-it’. Bechari is a heart breaking tale of a girl who marries only to find herself caught in a web of lies and deceit. Member feedback about Network Television Marketing: During the attack six of the soldiers were killed. Wujud-e-Zan is a story of love, betrayal, and social taboos.

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Iran is the 9th country to put a domestically-built satellite into orbit using its own launcher and the sixth to send animals in space. Natasha De Souza and Naseer-ud-din Wasif served as production team members. Despite being surrounded by violence all their lives, both are gentle souls with a love of music and poetry. Member feedback about Iranian Space Agency: NATO had planned on maintaining 13, troops including 9, Americans in an advisory and counter-terrorism capacity in Afghanistan during the phase of the War in Afghanistan and they were expected to maintain a presence inside Afghanistan until well after the end of Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ;[1] Polish: She starred in his play, Sitara Aur Mehrunissa in Member feedback about Afghan presidential election: He studied Theology at Islamic Azad University and started to publish short stories in newspapers when he was around twenty years old.


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The plot was a modern-day take on classic tragic romance stories such as Layla and Majnun, Heer Ranjha and Romeo and Juliet. Member feedback about Zbigniew Brzezinski: The show also featured a house band which had some of the high-profile musicians She falls victim to the betrayal of her own blood; however she is convinced that she will be able to fight the odds stacked against her. Member feedback about Dasht-e Lut: After the explosion there was panic which was followed by investigation during which the witnesses claimed that it all happened back stage with reporters and their TV cameras were covering the event.

Member feedback about List of Star Trek Starfleet starships: There are multiple claims or theories about the origins of the Pashtun tribes, who are classified as an Iranic ethnic group. Their purpose and meaning to the unfolding mystery is becoming evident and damn fascinating. I almost gave up on it after the lacklustre and uncreative beginning, but then the clever structure and intricate story-line kicked-in, followed by the interesting characters who are slowly taking form.

He tries to entrap her and convince her to divorce her husband. This includes much of the polar regions where little precipitation occurs and which are sometimes called polar deserts or “cold deserts”. List of Pakistani television series topic This is a list of Pakistani dramas.